DURING an interview with Triple M's Marto, Ed and Robin show this morning the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was asked what his favourite AC/DC song was.

The interview followed the announcement on Saturday that the band's co-founder and legendary guitarist Malcolm Young had died.

It was a topic that was more than likely to come up but it appears the PM was not prepared for such a question.

But instead of admitting that he couldn't think of any AC/DC songs, Mr Turnbull instead named If you leave me can I come too?

But there was just one problem. That's a song by Mental as Anything.

To be fair he did first try to get some help from Triple M presenters Greg Martin, Ed Kavalee and Robin Bailey by asking what their favourite songs were.

The classics Long way to the top and Highway to hell were mentioned and Mr Turnbull encouraged them to "run through a few more", prompting one of the presenters to name Barbie girl to a round of laughter.

But instead of just picking one of the two suggested options and claiming it as his favourite, the PM still decided to go with the Mental as Anything hit.

"My favourite song from their era is The Mentals If you leave me can I come too?," he told the hosts.

The PM claimed that it was "the old romantic" in him that loved that song, with the interview finishing pretty quickly after.

As soon as the interview aired people took to social media to absolutely roast Mr Turnbull over his poor AC/DC knowledge.

Poor Malcolm can't really seem to catch a break, with this latest round of ridicule coming less than a week after he was mercilessly mocked for his 'man cave'.

When Mr Turnbull's official Prime Ministerial Twitter account posted a picture of him "watching the Socceroos get the job done" last week, the Tweets came flooding in making fun of what people thought was the PM's poor excuse for a man cave.

It turns out it wasn't a man cave, but the Prime Ministerial bedroom at The Lodge.

But that didn't stop users worrying about the myriad cables running into the TV or commenting on decor and odd set-up.

"Clearly just a temporary resident at the Lodge ... can't drill holes in the wall to run the cables," one user said.

"I'm distracted by those awful drapes," said another person.

One Twitter commentator suggested the PM could afford a better TV set-up, only to receive the reply "that's what happens when you spend $122 million on a survey" - a direct sledge at the cost of the same-sex marriage poll.

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