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Mal Brough faces censure motion over Slipper diary leak

SUNSHINE  Coast MP Mal Brough has been the target of a censure motion over his role in the leaking of the diary of former Speaker Peter Slipper.

It came after Mr Brough faced heated questioning from Opposition MPs keen to target him in wake of news of an Australian Federal Police raid on him and former Slipper staffer James Ashby.

Mr Brough, the Special Minister of State, was questioned about claims by Palmer United Party founder and Coast MP Clive Palmer that Mr Brough wanted to 'destroy' Peter Slipper.

Mr Brough had little to say in Parliament.

"Integrity is uppermost in everything I have ever done and everything I will ever do,'' he told the House.

Mr Brough said Mr Palmer made all those allegations previously and he answered them in full at that time.

"Further to that he attempted to make defamation actions against which he subsequently withdrew.

"I have answered these queries, these allegations in full in the past."

Mr Brough was asked whether he would resign, to which he replied: "No.''

Government Leader of the House Christopher Pyne gagged debate on Mr Brough.

The manager of opposition business, Tony Burke, jumped up: "Do they really tink they can cover this up? He confessed on television!"

A division was called but the government won on the numbers and the censure motion went nowhere.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten earlier said Mr Brough should stand aside while investigate the James Ashby affair.

Mr Brough has previously admitted to encouraging Mr Ashby,  to make copies of the former Speaker's diary.

These were then leaked to the media in a bid to damage Mr Slipper.

"The Special Minister of State is in charge of government integrity. I think that it's not just a matter of whether or not Mal Brough should stand aside, which he probably should, it's now becoming a matter of Malcolm Turnbull's judgment on why he won't act," Mr Shorten said on Thursday.

Mr Brough has repeatedly refused to step aside.

Mr Ashby claimed Mr Slipper sexually harassed him but his case was tossed out of the federal court.

Justice Rares said it was politically motivated, blaming Mr Brough.

On Wednesday, Mr Palmer revived his claims in Parliament that Mr Brough has asked him in 2012 to fund Mr Ashby's case against Mr Slipper, possibly up to the tune of $200,000.

Mr Brough has repeatedly denied making the request.

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