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Magistrate scolds 42-year-old machete dad

A 42-YEAR-OLD father has narrowly escaped being sent to jail for wielding an 80cm machete while chasing people down the street.

Neil John Williams pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said the defendant was part of a group involved in an ongoing neighbourhood dispute.

Police were called to a disturbance involving the group in Koongal at 1.30pm on September 10, 2017.

Defence lawyer Zoe Craven said Williams was inside the house when he heard his partner outside arguing with people so he went to her defence.

She said he had chased a couple of the people involved in the dispute down the street with the machete in his hand but came to his senses and returned home.

Ms Craven said Williams initially set out to challenge the charge as he believed he had the right to defend his family and property.

"It was outrageous behaviour, in my view," Magistrate Jeff Clarke said.

He scolded Williams for arming himself with an 80cm machete instead of getting the assistance of police.

"I have no doubt your behaviour would have terrified the residents of this neighbourhood," he said.

Mr Clarke said had Williams not been on a probation order - which was handed down in December and which he was complying with - he would have removed him "from the community today".

Instead, Williams was given a two-month prison term, wholly suspended and operational for 18 months.

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Bushfire reported near Glen Esk

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UPDATE: Fire sweeps through estimated 3000 hectares

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