MAFS fans were shocked by Mishel’s ‘low’ comment to Steve.
MAFS fans were shocked by Mishel’s ‘low’ comment to Steve.

MAFS hits new low with ‘ghastly’ comment

Married At First Sight viewers have blasted one of the contestants for stooping to "a horrible new low" in last night's episode.

In a season that's so far seen a toothbrush in the toilet incident and a cheating scandal, it was a comment from Mishel to her husband Steve about his testicle that appears to have outraged fans the most.

If you missed last night's episode, Mishel was livid with Steve after he revealed that he wasn't physically attracted to her.

On the way to last night's dinner party, Mishel said to Steve (who battled testicular cancer eight years ago): "I am seriously so done with you, you are top-level piece of sh*t! Don't even come near me tonight, seriously, you will lose your other f***ing ball!"

Mishel tore Steve a new one at the dinner party.
Mishel tore Steve a new one at the dinner party.

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The comment disgusted viewers who took to social media to vent about the "low blow".

"Mishel and her 'you'll lose your other ball' comment tonight, once again stooped to a horrible low," a person wrote on the MAFS Australian Fans Facebook group.

"Mishel making light of Steve losing a testicle to cancer is pretty despicable and says a lot about her as a person," wrote another person. "That's as bad as making fun of a woman who has lost a breast/s to cancer in my eyes."

Other comments included:

• "That was a pathetic thing to say to a man recovering from testicular cancer."

• "That's some cold sh*t."

• "Thought she could have handled this 100 times better and the cancer blow was just undignified and ghastly."

• "The bit about losing his one remaining ball was totally disgusting. The guy had cancer. I get she's hurting, but that was just plain nasty."

• "She's hurt - but my god, the cancer sh*t? That's a really shi**y thing to say to someone who battled that. Really shows she has the emotional intelligence of a sand crab."

• "Who in their right mind would throw that kind of comment around, hurt or not?"





Steve previously opened up about his cancer diagnosis in an interview with 9Entertainment.

"It was about eight years ago, and I felt a lot of pain in that particular area, and after examining myself, I just thought, 'Oh, maybe it's just an infection or whatever', and I left it alone for about a week or so," he said.

"But I remember going to work, and I got to work and decided to go into the doctor's office - I remember it like it was yesterday - and I got a bacon and egg roll and a coffee, and when I called, the receptionist told me they didn't have any spots available, so I rescheduled.

"But 10 or so minutes later she called back and told me that they could squeeze me in quickly right away.

Steve and Mishel were married on MAFS.
Steve and Mishel were married on MAFS.

"I went to the ultrasound, and within 20 or so minutes of that I was told that it was testicular cancer. I fell in a heap and cried my absolute eyes out like a baby, I swear to God," he said.

"So then I've gone from having a bacon and an egg sandwich to being told that I have testicular cancer, to then being told that I have to have a full body scan to see if it had spread anywhere."

Steve beat the cancer and has been in remission for more than eight years now.

"My life from that moment changed forever," he said about the diagnosis. "Because I think about it every day. If I get a lump, a bump, an ache, a pain, or anything I think straightaway it's cancer, and it scares the absolute sh*t out of me."



Married At First Sight continues on Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9

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