Stabbed in the heart, but still in love

LOVE conquers all, and apparently that includes even getting stabbed near the heart.

The couple at the centre of a grievous bodily harm charge, in which the woman allegedly stabbed her partner in the chest in April at their Torquay home, came in contact at Hervey Bay Magistrates Court yesterday.

This was due to the 40-year-old woman's bail conditions being changed to allow the couple to make contact with each other.

The woman and her 33-year-old partner both appeared in court yesterday to plead guilty to other, unrelated charges.

According to solicitor John Milburn, who represented both of them yesterday, the pair is still a couple, although he said they had been through “an awful six months”.

The man who was allegedly stabbed needed to be airlifted to Brisbane where emergency surgery took place, however Mr Milburn told the court yesterday that he was now “happy and healthy”.

The man is presently in custody, and he and his partner smiled and waved happily at each other after she waited in the public gallery to see him after receiving her own sentence of fines for drug offences and a failure to provide identifying particulars charge.

For their offences yesterday, the pair was fined a total of $1750. The woman's bail condition was changed to allow contact with the victim of her alleged stabbing on May 19.

Magistrate Graeme Tatnell told both parties, who have long criminal histories, they needed to stay away from drugs and behave themselves, and asked them if they knew how to do that.

The woman replied that they “might need to get out of this town for a while”.

With the stabbing charge still to be heard in Hervey Bay District Court, they won't be able to get away from the town just yet.

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