'Look at that skinny bitch': body shaming goes both ways

"As if you'd have to worry about what you eat, you're skinny."

"Look at that skinny bitch."

Those are just two of the many phrases anyone with a smaller frame, like myself, may have heard levelled at them.

And yes they can hurt just as much as any 'fat shaming' or overweight insults.

We live in a society where body shaming is happening to all shapes and sizes, yes, even the smaller ones.

Some people can be quick to judge, but you never really know the story behind a person by simply looking at their body.

Society and social media puts so much pressure on people, women in particular, to be of a certain size and sadly many think if they're not like those supermodels in the magazines they're not worthy.

I have a girlfriend who is always being told she's too thin, and you know what, she's got a super-fast metabolism and would do anything to keep weight on. She's struggled with this all of her life.

While this stigma around that perfect body image is slowly changing through plus sized models and healthy body advertising, you just never know someone's story.

The 'perfect body image', which is also directed at men, has caused all sorts of eating disorders which are just as detrimental on a woman's health and confidence as someone who is overweight.

So if you're one to judge another woman who you may consider too thin or to be holding too much weight, you're better off keeping your judgmental thoughts to yourself.

As an active woman who likes to take care of her body, I am of a smaller build and have in the past been looked at in a judgemental way from head to toe and while I'm confident about my body, imagine the impact this could have on someone dealing with major body image insecurities.

You just never know what someone is going through.

My message about body image comes after two staff members of a Fraser Coast licensed venue were suspended after they allegedly 'fat shamed' a mother and international blogger last week.

Telaine Smith, writer of Low Carb Island, said she was at the venue with friends, when two staff members mocked the women as they walked up the stairs.

"All three of us could hear 'boom boom boom' as we took steps," Telaine said.

"I was so humiliated, I didn't know how to process it, I continued to walk," she said.

Telaine is a brave woman for sharing her experience and I take my hat off to her for sharing because it might just make someone think twice about their words or actions next time - big or small.

Join the discussion and tell us your thoughts on body shaming below. 

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