GREAT GAME: The Lockyer Under 12 representative side which defeated Goondiwindi at the weekend.
GREAT GAME: The Lockyer Under 12 representative side which defeated Goondiwindi at the weekend.

Lockyer cricket results

A GradeGlenore Grove v Mulgowie

Mulgowie won the toss and elected to bat.

The Glenore Grove opening bowlers Paul Zischke (3-25) and Dean Granzien (1-14) ripped through the Mulgowie top order, having them in early trouble at 5/28. The rest of the Glenore Grove bowlers didn't let up and only the late order resistance from Peter Notley (31 not out) gave the score of 133 some respect.

Glenore Grove were never really troubled in the chase getting the runs four down in the 26th over with all batsmen getting starts.

Mulgowie innings

T. Emmerson ct J. Wallace b P. Zischke 7

S. McGrath ct M. Teske b P. Zischke 5

M. Adamski ct M. Teske b P. Zischke 0

A. Wright ct A. Katt b J. Gehrke 11

C. Crack ct P. Zischke b D. Granzien 0

G. Dean ct M. Teske b P. Dargusch 18

B. Steinhardt b J. Gehrke 24

D. Maroske run out 1

T. Noffke ct C. Neumann b M. Muller 18

P. Notley not out 31

S. Emmerson ct D. Granzien b P. Dargusch 8

Total 133

FOW: 9, 9, 12, 13, 28, 54, 55, 82, 99, 133.

Bowling: D. Granzien 8-1-14-1; P. Zischke 8-3-25-3; J. Gehrke 8-2-22-2; M. Muller 5-1-35-1; P. Dargusch 6.5-0-25-2; C. Neumann 2-0-9-0.

Glenore Grove innings

J. Wallace b G. Dean 8

C. Neumann b P. Notley 25

M. Muller ct T. Noffke b C. Crack 20

R. Neumann ct M. Adamski b D. Maroske 27

A. Katt not out 24

M. Teske not out 24

Total 4/141

FOW: 19, 43, 72, 92.

Bowling: G. Dean 4.3-0-23-1; T. Emmerson 6-0-30-0; T. Noffke 0.3-0-0-0; C. Crack 2-0-10-1; D. Maroske 5-0-33-1; P. Notley 6-0-31-1; B. Steinhardt 1-0-4-0; S. McGrath 0.3-0-8-0.

Southern Lockyer v Helidon

Batting first at Ropehill on Saturday Helidon were unable to deal with Ben Webster (3-17) who continued his hot run with the ball. After being in trouble early Dave Simpson (29) and Jeremy Fredericksen (25) added valuable runs for Helidon but tight bowling from Southern Lockyer ensured the total never got out of control, restricting Helidon to 9/120.

In reply Jarryd Janke (58 not out) led the way at the top of the innings with a fine knock. After reaching 100 for the loss of only one wicket, Southern Lockyer was cruising towards victory before losing four quick wickets. In the end 120 wasn't enough as Southern Lockyer continued its strong start to the year.

Helidon innings

E. Simpson ct A. Sippel b B. Webster 3

R. McBride b B. Webster 7

S. Ashley b S. Neuendorf 14

M. McMahon ct B. Harm b B. Webster 1

D. Simpson ct K. Smith b C. Woolacott 29

J. Fredericksen not out 25

M. Ashley ct J. Raddatz b S. Neuendorf 0

T. Stone ct K. Smith b B. Woolacott 0

B. Webb b B. Woolacott 6

C. Simpson ct K. Smith b A. D'Andilly 0

W. Halley not out 17

Sundries 18

Total 9/120

FOW: 11, 21, 26, 51, 73, 74, 75, 91, 94.

Bowling: A. D'Andilly 8-0-36-1; B. Webster 8-0-17-3; C. Woolacott 8-2-23-1; S. Neuendorf 8-2-13-2; B. Woolacott 5-1-25-2.

Southern Lockyer innings

A. Sippel b M. Ashley 11

J. Janke not out 58

B. Webster ct M. McMahon b T. Stone 28

S. Neuendorf ct S. Ashley b J. Fredericksen 5

C. Woolacott ct D. Simpson b J. Fredericksen 6

J. Raddatz ct S. Ashley b J. Fredericksen 1

K. Smith not out 6

Sundries 7

Total 5/122

FOW: 24, 101, 106, 112, 116.

Bowling: D. Granzien 6-0-25-0; P. Zischke 8-3-19-3; M. Muller 5-0-27-1; J. Gehrke 4-0-12-1; P. Loy 1.3-0-6-2.


Forest Hill 5/187 (C. Gillam 46, F. Brown 34, S. Skeat 21 not out; T. Bichel 1-16, D. Roebig 1-28, TA. Bichel 1-34) d Mulgowie 186 (J. Pender 76, S. Graham 41, D. Bichel 39; S. Skeat 4-28, F. Brown 2-3, C. Gillam 2-32).

B Grade

Glenore Grove Gold 3/173 (D. Daly 78 not out, C. Grienke 37 not out, B. Rawiri 31; J. Woodall 2-28, C. Mellon 1-22) d Gatton/Fordsdale Maroon 158 (D. Pollock 71, L. Evans 19 not out, C. Mellon 12; D. Daly 3-10, J. Manz 3-42, P. Neale 2-28).

Glenore Grove 6/191 (B. Zischke 65 not out, C. Teske 47, T. Malone 22 not out; R. Warrington 2-27, K. O'Dea 2-21, T. Pickering 1-29) d Gatton/Fordsdale Gold 147 (B. Sabburg 34 not out, R. Mulroy 34, T. Pickering 17; C. Teske 4-22, T. Malone 2-20, A. Dallinger 2-22).

Junior Rep cricketUnder 14

Lockyer 141 (T. Engler 39, D. O'Keeffe 18, C. Bachmann 12; J. Rice2-9, B. Martyn 2-17) d Goondiwindi 118 (H. Tyter 22, N. Lahey 20 not out; R. Clark 4-16, J. Weatherby 3-21, T. Engler 2-15).

Under 12

Lockyer 5/271 (R. Hoger 57 not out, J. Tinney 47, T. Hand 37 not out, N. Brazier 33 not out; B. Wilson 2-9, J. Hanan 1-21, J. Kindt 1-25) d Goondiwindi 8/159 (B. Wilson 37, A. Doolan 36, W. Jakins 27 not out; R. Martin 3-12, J. Crosby 2-25, L. Gablinski 1-9, R. Hoger 1-13).


Mitchell Shield

Mitchell Shield squad to play Stanthorpe at Stanthorpe on Saturday, November 19.

Steve Kleidon (captain), Joe Wallace, Aaron Sippel, Jarryd Janke, Terry Emmerson, Shanley Neuendorf, Callum Woolacott, Matt Muller, Ben Webster, Aaron Werth, Simon Wheeler.

Players are to meet at Cahill Park by 6.30am. Any players who are unavailable should contact Glenn Neuendorf on 0411 559 246. Players will be car pooling (no bus).

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