Lockyer, Laidley results

Lockyer Valley

Wednesday, March 3 results.

Womens B: Chicks in Grey d Superfreaks 38-17 (b/f: Zenna Leung, Claire Nolan, Rachael Lyne).

Pink Panthers d Sunkist 24-9 (b/f: Emily Hallas, Jacinta Jahnke, Richelle Charles).

Womens A: Crickets d UQ1 21-19 (b/f: Jacinta Crighton, Kat Loewel, Lauren Wernowski).

Last Minutes d Yummie Mummies 36-16 (b/f: Kerryn Potter, Deb McMullin, L. Lyons).

Peacemakes d Jo 24-9 (b/f: Caitlyn Huth, Nicolette Cameron, Rachel Bichel).

Gattoblasters d UQ2 31-19 (b/f: Paige Buzza, Helen Web, Sara McKinlay).

Mixed: Extras d Fish out of Water (b/f: Caitlin Ruthenberg, Matt Gillis, Jo Maher).

Zebras d Screw Tops by forfeit.

Apple Ciders d Unreal 41-2 (b/f: Mark Clair, Lauren Murry, Danni Ashley).

V-Dubs d Hotshots 24-7 (b/f: Susan Weier, Bryce Killen, Leah Wernowski).

Draw for Wednesday, March 10.

5.30pm: Yummie Mummies v Purple People Eaters (UQ3) (Barb/Danni); Peacemakers v Pink Piglets (UQ1) (Ashleigh/Janelle).

6.15pm: UQ Mixed v Fish out of Water (Katie/Bree); Pink Panthers v Jailbirds (Carissa/Emily).

7pm: Hot Shots v Apple Ciders (Phil/Lisa); Sunkist v Superfreaks (Emily/Karen).

7.45pm: Unreal v Zebra’s (Jo/Grace); Grass Cutters (UQ2) v Crickets (Janelle/Tamika).

8.30pm: Extra’s v Screw Tops (Karen/Katie); Gattoblasters v Freshwayz Figjam (Lisa Danni).

Bye: Chicks in Grey, Last Minutes, V-Dubs.

Table Duty: Leah, Sally and Sue.


The rain couldn’t keep the girls away this week as round three got underway.

The Tigers outran the stampede of Brumbies to take the win 16-10 (b/f: A. Hancock; A. Wood).

Angels were too sweet and innocent to take the win from the sneaky Pink Panthers (8- 0) (b/f: B. Watts; S. Kliendienst).

Salt and Pepper (44) were not going to hand over a win for the O.C’s (19) on a silver platter this week (b/f: M. Connelly; Z. Taylor).

The Bumble Bees hard work paid off with very sweet results taking a 32- 8 win over the Black Cats (b/f: S. Tapara; J. Manutai).

The draw for round four is as follows:

4.30pm: Brumbies v Angels; Pink Panthers v Froot Loops; Tigers have a bye.

5.30pm: Black Cats v The O.C’s; Gladiators v Salt and Pepper; Bumble Bees have a bye

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