Lockyer continue solid form

Mitchell Shield Lockyer v Central Downs

Lockyer, the defending champions, have finished the Mitchell Shield in ominous form, far too good for Central Downs on Sunday.

The win on Sunday for Lockyer leaves the side well ahead of its nearest rivals and a good chance to host the final following their undefeated season.

Coming up against Central Downs, Lockyer batted well with everyone contributing. Jarryd Janke (40), Clint Jackson (55) and Chris Dodt (43) all chipped in to get Lockyer to 285 at the end of its overs.

Needing to chase a big total, the Central Downs innings got off to a terrible start with Chris Dodt taking two wickets in his first and another in his third over to leave Central Downs in deep trouble.

The Central Downs innings never looked like getting started and despite Lockyer dropping several catches, the side was bundled out for 107.

The Mitchell Shield team will now play the final on February 7.


S. Kleidon ct C. Gillam b K. Cockburn …12

J. Janke ct and b A. Lamb …40

A. Sippel ct J. Thorpe b P. Gillam …19

C. Jackson ct C. Gillam b B. Thompson …55

T. Emmerson b C. Morgan …17

S. Neuendorf ct D. Smith b J. Thorpe …24

C. Dodt ct B. French b D. Smith …43

A. Werth st T. Mauritz b C. Gillam …26

Ant. Sippel b C. Morgan …16

M. Ashley not out …5

S. Wheeler not out …21

Sundries …8

Total …9-285

FOW: 20, 74, 82, 118, 152, 206, 222, 244, 260.

Bowling: B. Thompson 10-0-46-1, K. Cockburn 4-0-25-1, P. Gillam 3-0-17-1, A. Lamb 7-0-30-1, D. Smith 10-1-45-1, C. Morgan 7-0-35-2, J. Thorpe 4-0-29-1, B. French 1-0-15-0, C. Gillam 4-0-42-1.

Central Downs

B. French run out C. Dodt …32

C. Gillam b C. Dodt …0

R. Lobo b C. Dodt …0

T. Mauritz b C. Dodt …5

J. Thorpe run out T. Emmerson …1

P. Gillam lbw S. Neuendorf …4

A. Lamb b Ant. Sippel …29

D. Smith ct S. Kleidon b Ant. Sippel …11

B. Thompson ct and b S. Neuendorf …2

C. Morgan b S. Wheeler …3

K. Cockburn not out …10

Sundries …10

Total …107

FOW: 0, 0, 8, 37, 48, 48, 64, 69, 92, 92, 107.

Bowling: C. Dodt 7-2-11-3, T. Emmerson 6-0-30-0, S. Neuendorf 6-0-25-2, Ant. Sippel 6-2-23-2, C. Jackson 1-0-3-0, S. Wheeler 1.3-0-2-1, M. Ashley 1-0-10-0.

Davis ShieldLockyer v Toowoomba

Lockyer won the toss and batted on a green wicket. The Lockyer batsmen got starts but struggled to make large scores, held together by a disciplined 71 from Brad Warren.

New opener Anton Wilkinson (27) and Simon Emmerson (27) held together the middle order to give Lockyer a total of 180.

With only 180 to defend, Lockyer put in a tremendous effort with the ball, led by early wickets from Braydon Woolacott (3-31).

Toowoomba were never allowed to gather any momentum and were bowled out for 118.

Mitchell Davis (2-18) and Chris Crabbe (2-15) put in standout performances, tieing up the middle overs, allowing Ashley Kowaltzke (3-16) to clean up the tail.

After dropping a match during the season, Lockyer will await results to see whether they will feature in the Davis Shield final this year.


B. Woolacott c and b C. Wilkes …5

A. Wilkinson st B. Claws b A. Henderson …27

B. Warren ct D. Griffen b C. Wilkes …71

S. Otto lbw D. Griffen …13

Z. Lencz ct M. Barge b J. O’Donohue …4

S. Emmerson ct J. O’Donohue …27

M. Zirbel ct A. Henderson b B. Anderson …3

B. Lawson b A. Henderson …0

A. Kowaltzke ct C. Wilkes b J. O’Donohue …15

M. Davis c and b C. Wilkes …0

C. Crabbe not out …0

Total …180

FOW: 18, 44, 64, 74, 414, 162, 163, 178, 178, 180.

Bowling: A. Henderson 10-1-44-2, C. Wilkes 7-2-17-3, D. Griffen 10-5-25-1, J. O’Donohue 7.3-1-22-2, H. Guse 3-0-22-0, A. Whiteside 1-0-14-0, B. Anderson 5-0-33-2, C. Smythe 1-0-2-0.


M. Barge ct M. Davis b B. Woolacott …0

J. Porter ct S. Emmerson b M. Davis …19

C. Wilkes ct Z. Lencz b B. Woolacott …4

B. Anderson ct M. Davis b B. Woolacott …19

B. Clews ct S. Emmerson b C. Crabbe …8

A. Henderson c and b M. Davis …11

H. Guse ct A. Kowaltzke b C. Crabbe …1

C. Smythe b A. Kowaltzke …26

D. Griffen ct Z. Lencz b A. Kowaltzke …11

A. Whiteside not out …3

J. O’Donohue b A. Kowaltzke …11

Total …118

FOW: 0, 10, 32, 49, 51, 63, 66, 97, 105, 118.

Bowling: B. Woolacott 8-1-31-3, B. Lawson 7-0-20-0, M. Davis 6-1-18-2, C. Crabbe 8-2-15-2, M. Zirbel 4-0-18-0, A. Kowaltzke 2.5-0-16-3.


Helidon 182 (B. Nass 51, A. Lamb 38, J. Fredrickson 25; D. Nichol 4-18, T. Allen 4-20, R. Sippel 2-31) dSouthern Lockyer 142 (S. Sawley 27, B. Nichol 27, B. Steinhardt 21; M. Ashley 3-40, A. Lamb 1-10, D. Ost 1-14).

Lake Clarendon 9-182 (T. Adams 62, B. Harm 38, K. Taylor 27; R. Knopke 3-23, T. Zunbonsen 3-22, P. Loy 1-24) dGlenore Grove 8-153 (R. Knopke 45 not out, C. Teske 37, M. Zampech 21; T. Adams 3-22, A. Sippel 2-24, B. Harm 2-20).

B Grade

Gatton/Fordsdale Maroon 5-168 (N. Goose 58 not out, M. Pierpoint 33, B. Reuter 15; D. Goltz 2-33, J. Kluck 1-24, G. Koch 1-34) dSouthern Lockyer 9-163 (D. Goltz 84, J. Janke 21, G. Koch 12; C. Wegner 3-27, D. Ryan 2-35, B. Reuter 1-22).

Helidon Maroon 3-102 (R. McBride 52, M. McMahon 20 not out, B. McBride 13; B. East 2-33, J. Bichel 1-1) dMulgowie Gold 93 (A. Halstead 38, B. Gast 15, J. Pender 8; B. Hooper 3-6, G. Hogan 3-21, B. Brady 2-32).

Gatton/Fordsdale Gold 9-184 (S. Weatherley 56 not out, B. Bachmann 35, A. Skipworth 23; R. Hand 3-22, A. Covey 3-40, D. Lyons 1-14) dBrisbane Valley 8-182 (N. Young 67, A. Covey 33, J. Conley 30; J. Smith 3-25, A. Lenord 1-16, B. Bachmann 1-22).

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