Locky's road gets mixed reception

THERE was plenty of fanfare at Wednesday's announcement of Darren Lockyer's new road, but it seems not everyone is behind the idea.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones admitted he knew nothing about the renaming of the stretch of road that runs right through his region until the morning of the announcement.

Cr Jones said he didn't really understand why it needed to be associated with the footballer but he was at least pleased it would now reflect the name of the region, if only by default.

"We went to Main Roads earlier this year to ask for signage to show people the way to the Lockyer Valley," he said.

"They threw us out, saying that's not possible, so I think this makes a mockery of the policies of Main Roads.

"But I'm pleased it's got the word Lockyer in it now.

"If they called it the Lockyer Highway it would make a lot more sense than what they've done."

The story prompted a range of responses from readers.

Scargo from Ipswich called the renaming a "stupid, stupid idea", and said naming a sports arena would have been a better option to honour Lockyer's achievements.

Jackyb of Minden was even more critical of the move.

"If I was Darren Lockyer I would be insulted having the goat track between Ipswich and Toowoomba named after me," Jackyb wrote.

"Is the Minister calling this great footballer a DUD like the highway?"

Realitycheck suggested the move highlighted an unnecessary focus on sportspeople.

"This sporty hero worship has gone WAY too far," Realitycheck wrote.

Not all comments were negative though, with at least one reader willing to defend the Queensland Origin legend.

"All these Day of our Lives watchers posting on here ..... have some respect ... Locky is a legend," Equarights wrote.

"He's the quiet achiever, donated his time, raised money and awareness to many a good cause."

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale defended the changes, saying it retained the Warrego name but would now help promote road safety for young drivers.

"People don't know the work Darren does with young people and having his name on this road is about a highway to life for young people," he said.

"Unfortunately people just want to knock all the time."

Signage on the renamed stretch of road will be updated over the next three months.

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