FINES in excess of $2500 for wheelie bins left out too long has left locals in a stink.
FINES in excess of $2500 for wheelie bins left out too long has left locals in a stink. Contributed

Locals in a stink over $2500 wheelie bin fines

FINES in excess of $2500 for leaving wheelie bins left out too long has left Sunshine Coast locals in a stink.

The new law, Local Law Number 9, could see residents slugged with a $2523 fine if they leave their bins outside on the kerb for more than 24 hours before or after rubbish collection day.

The law, with the 24-hour limit, is being rolled out by about 20 local councils including Mackay, Townsville, Rockhampton, Burdekin, Bundaberg, Gladstone and the Gold Coast.

It is not yet proposed for the Sunshine Coast but residents are not impressed with the idea and took to social media.

Viki Carter: "Better idea! Get rid of local councils altogether. They are a ridiculous waste of our money. They are full of developers who are only out to feather their own nests and do deals for mates. Three tiers of government for our small population is stupid. Must have been conceived by politicians!"

Peter Darragh: "Maybe the ratepayers should start billing the councils for mowing and maintaining the council owned verges or start ringing them up when they get overgrown as well. Or better still get rid of councils altogether. Trumped up little Johnnys!" 

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Richard Manley: "I did read that you also cannot put bins out before 6am on pick-up day? How the hell is that gonna work when the bin trucks wake me up at 5:45 every Wednesday morning???"

Mohamed Nour Helmy: "Can we fine our councils for being idiots?"

Lena Beausang Pitty: "The council didn't mow footpaths as this looks more untidy than a rubbish bin. Even have grass growing in the gutters in Kenilworth."

Neil Kersnovske: "Some of the new houses in Aura have no rear or side access to get the bins in or out. This is all about new engineering in these estates where they are just left out front and it's a marvel watching the garbage truck trying to get down the narrow new style street. Sunshine Coast council needs to revisit these design standards."

Cameron Larry Tenardi: "That's pathetic! What a joke of a proposition. $2523 for leaving a bin out? You don't even get that for speeding or running a red light."

Nickk McFly: "I like how things like this have a massive negative response from the public yet still get pushed through anyway, the public has no say in anything lol."

Gary Mills: "Really! What the hell are Queensland Councils trying to achieve? This is just a money grabbing opportunity in my opinion. If you leave for work before 6am which a lot of people do then you just don't get to use the refuse services? Oh so that means people will just dump it somewhere, great solution!"

Sunshine Coast Council has been approached for comment.

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