Locals fight for GP

AFTER more than 20 years of studying and practicing as a GP, Dr Rajendra Moodley's never thought his licence could be stripped from him after a one hour interview.

Dr Moodley was deregistered after failing to pass a written exam and an interview based on unsatisfactory medical examination, familiarity with cultural issues and idioms and communication skills.

More than 1500 signatures have been collected in support of the local doctor since he was deregistered.

He said he was overwhelmed with the support he has received but did not comment further for legal reasons.

Tracey Rogers, who has been Dr Moodley's patient since he started in Lowood was devastated by the news.

“His biggest crime is that he put too much time into his practice,” she said.

“He is a brilliant doctor, and it's not just his medical knowledge, which I think is extensive,

“It's his manner and the way he practices.”

She said the medical board's decision could be a knee jerk reaction to the Jayant Patel saga.

“The fact that we as a community have lost a doctor is irrelevant. It's the quality of the doctor that is the important thing.

“It is a real loss for the country as a whole, not just for Lowood.”

Mrs Rogers said the medical board is doing more of a disservice to the community.

Paul Crowley, principal of Stellar Medical in Lowood, said he could not beleive the medical board could base a decision that severe on one hour.

“The stroke of a pen and it was over,” he said.

He was dismayed the Lowood community has lost a doctor as result of a new bureaucratic process.

Dr Crowley said the process was not a good way to test the suitability of overseas doctors.

“It simply tests whether the interviewee is good at interviews, not their competency as a doctor,” he said.

“You have to question whether they had already made thier decision about him before the interview.

“There is a lot of red tape that goes into being reregistered.”

Dr Crowley is not surprised at the amount of community support behind Dr Moodley.

“His reputation is so high and he has such a busy practice that he has generated over the last six years,” he said.

“The community is up in arms about this.”

A spokesperson for the Medical Board of Australia would not comment for privacy reasons but said the board stands by its decisions and makes every decision about the registration of a medical practitioner carefully.

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