GATTON Star reader Melanie Wenzel was one of thousands caught up in yesterday's terrifying storm in Brisbane and captured the moment on video after golf-ball sized hail smashed her car window.

Ms Wenzel said she was driving on Ipswich Road coming out of the city when the storm hit and according to her phone she was at Kangaroo Point.

"It was deafening and terrifying. It felt like the wind was going to blow the car over," Ms Wenzel said.

 "Golf ball sized hail smashed my windscreen and extensively damaged my car."

Ms Wenzel said she thankfully made it home safely after a lengthy delay.

"I just wish the severe weather warning had arrived earlier, rather than 15 minutes after we got smashed by the hail," she said.

"And for the record, when the video was taken all the traffic was stopped, most of us had our hazard lights on, the worst of the storm was just before the video was taken when the visibility was almost nothing."

Ms Wenzel was caught up in destructive gusts of up to 140kph which lashed over 50mms of rain in less than 10 minutes uprooting trees and causing chaos and flash flooding across the Brisbane metropolitan area.

The Lockyer Valley missed out on the worst of the wild weather with just 2.4mms recorded in the Gatton gauge.

Parts of the Brisbane Valley were lashed by the storm with reports of storm damage in Hazeldean, Kilcoy and elsewhere.

Today Somerset Regional Council said free disposal at transfer stations was available to all residents up until close of business Sunday, December 7  but this was for green waste only.

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