LNP sells off assets without ‘approval’

THE Queensland Electrical Trades Union has accused the State Government of continuing with doublespeak over assets sales.

The accusation came as state-owned power company Ergon Energy announced it would sell 3700ha of hardwood forests and its GPS technology business Roames.

The sale, reported in The Australian yesterday, could net the State Government between $40-$60 million.

Electrical Trades Union state secretary Peter Simpson said the announcement showed that the LNP's MPs were lying through their teeth on asset sales.

"They say one thing - no plans for asset sales - while they do another - sell assets and privatise jobs and services," he said.

"It is truly breathtaking how they are getting away with such disgraceful behaviour."

Mr Simpson said the State Government was selling network electricity assets without getting approval from voters as they had promised.

More than 400 people staged a rally in Toowoomba last weekend, before Community Cabinet meetings, angry at the State Government's position in relation to public assets.

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