Lawrence Springborg.
Lawrence Springborg.

LNP hits Mackay as regional tour continues

THE LNP's leaders are touring regional Queensland in a bid to get in touch with residents and industry bodies and will be in Mackay on Tuesday.

On Monday Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg and Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek were in Bowen and plan to head to Mackay, Nebo and Proserpine Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

Mr Springborg said they wanted to travel as much of Queensland as possible.

"What we will be doing over the next few weeks, months and into next year and beyond is moving around Queensland, talking to Queenslanders wherever they live about their ideas, their proposals," he said.

Mr Springborg also said they wanted to keep the current Labor government accountable, particularly while people were concerned about jobs and job security.

While in Bowen, Mr Springborg slammed the Labor government for its decision to dump dredge spoil from the Abbot Point expansion onto industrial land known as T2.

He said there was more vegetation on this section of land than there was on the previously proposed on-land dumping site, the Caley Wetlands.

"Unfortunately the greatest majority of people that are commenting on this proposal have never seen what is being proposed, and that is the biggest challenge we have," he said of the new dumping site.

Mr Springborg also said he had spoken to locals concerned about how the new plans to dump dredge spoil on another section of land would further delay the Abbot Point expansion project.

He said there was concern this process would delay the project for a further nine to 12 months.


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