Harry's view on the US election.
Harry's view on the US election.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Why Twiggy is a ‘hero’



The Lockdown Larrikin

I'm an Aussie lockdown larrikin,

And I'm livin' life to the max;

Work may have gone and vanished,

But so's all the bloomin' tax

I've been stuck inside for ages,

With just a TV, an' some books;

My hair's now growing longer,

An' I'm startin' to get some looks

I've got a fancy facemask,

Which I wear in a classy style;

When people pass me by in cars,

I pull it down, to smile

But a copper saw me smilin',

And said I was outta line;

So he put a frown on my face,

By giving me a fine

So now I stay inside my home,

All through the night and day;

Just waitin', wishin', and hopin'

For that virus to go away!

- Andrew Guild, Location unknown


RM Williams

West Australia's Gina Reinhart, the world's wealthiest woman and mining magnate, with a personal fortune of $29 billion, heiress to Lang Hancock's [her father] fortune from mining iron-ore, stands in sharp contrast to Andrew ["Twiggy"] Forrest, former Fortescue CEO and self-made iron-ore magnate, worth a mere $12.7 billion.

Once the world's richest man, "Twiggy" and his wife, Nicole, have acquired the R.M. Williams company, to save it from the fate of many of Australia's iconic brands and businesses sold overseas.

This man is a phenomenon among his peers, philanthropic and an investor in Indigenous communities and employment, particularly in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

His fortune is used for the benefit of Australia and Australians. He is a self-made man with a social conscience, aware of the fact: "To whom much is given, much is required."

Like the USA's Bill Gates, he gives much of his fortune away to numerous charities.

He is worthy of his "Australian of the Year" award.

Reinhart has children battling in court over her fortune, wanting a share of her inheritance. The Forrests have invested in people and communities at risk, helping change the lives and livelihoods of individuals, by making them self-sufficient.

The R.M. Williams brand, like "Vegemite", is now in Australian hands.

Too much of our national treasures and icons, properties and brains trust have been sold to foreign interests.

It is heroes like the Forrests, who secure Australia's best for the good of the nation's future.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




Harry's view on the US election.
Harry's view on the US election.


Two customers were left baffled after they discovered a "disgusting" find in their pre-made Woolworths meals.


Kaine Latifi: That looks awful. We get these regularly and never had one like that...

Danielle Stevens: You can make 6 small meals of butter chicken and rice for cheaper then buying 6 of these... easiest meal to make. Can save $5 making it yourself.

Tracey Batts: Never had 1 in my life but I would be mad if I had to eat that. Disapointing, actually I wouldn't pay that price for something like that. McDonald's burger would be better.

Julianne Maree Heterick: I've had 2 like that now.

Maxine Maike: You know you could learn how to cook right?

Eileen Burgess: Spew

Pamela Korte: What is it?

Col Smith: When you pay for a cheap meal...

Jan Doblo: Glad I'm Vegan



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