LETTERS: Recent research shows Oz most vulnerable


The Future is not Pretty

The world is on a trajectory that will see global warming reach 2.9°C by 2100, far exceeding the 1.5° C increase the world signed on at the Paris Agreement.

What does this mean?

Research released this week by the Australian Academy of Science explores this scenario in detail and it is not a pretty sight.

As the driest inhabited continent, Australia already has a highly variable climate of droughts and flooding rains. This is why of all developed nations, Australia has been identified as one of the most vulnerable to climate change.

A scientific projection of Australia under 3℃ of global warming predicts catastrophic bushfires nearly every year, 50° C days in the major cities will become common, more frequent severe weather and flood events and no Great Barrier Reef.

Can we avoid catastrophe?


The report acknowledges that limiting global temperatures to 1.5℃ this century is now extremely difficult. But it is not too late to avoid the worst climate impacts.

With so much to lose, it is time for Australia to move from world laggards to world leaders in the work to limit global warming. This means a commitment to reducing our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve zero emissions by 2050.

This also means real political leadership.

Leaders who will introduce policies to deliver deep and rapid cuts in emissions across the economy.

Leaders who will put the future welfare of the country ahead of politics, something neither major party has managed to do in the past 20 years.

Time is not on our side. We have one, maybe two election cycles to decide what kind of future we want.

Tony Fontes

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