LETTER: Third world chain has changed Australia for worse

Dear editor,

Compulsory voting linked to third world “Chain Immigration” has already changed Australia for the worst.

The only compulsory vote in the English speaking world is in Australia – once known for producing sheep which have now morphed into sheeple – dictated to by their undemocratically elected governments, whose internationalist socialist agenda is dictated by the new third world order agenda.

With Australia as a target to be penetrated with and by immigration and refugee programs to continue to build “their” numbers, to divide and eventually conquer this weakly and treacherously led country.

It will get bloody as so-called “gangs” of African origin start feuding and fighting in our major cities, as very timidly reported by the media in Queensland recently. They feud, fight and “build” their numbers, sustained by our welfare and “special benefits”.

Now the media reports that the Queensland State government wants to enfranchise convicts including drug traffickers, while always pushing to lower the voting age.

These policies will guarantee the destruction of Australian society as we knew it.

You may think she’ll be right mate – in short “she” won’t even be a she – rather some poor mixed up “weed” smoking pseudo intellectual of indeterminate parentage and sex, near zero I.Q. with a mind bent by a socialist indoctrinated school agenda, well versed in street demonstrations, slum survival and perversions but won’t even travel to work about in our labour strapped agricultural and mining industries.

As more and more drugs both legal and illicit are pumped into our population, the billions of third world hordes are slavering at the mouth as they anticipate their occupation of Australia. Wake up Australia, get smart, get active or get out.

The free ride will soon be over. What our forefathers fought for is nearly lost on drugs.

With a simply stated game plan task force in each postcode, achieving an average of only 10 members in each of our 16,000 postcodes at a nominal membership fee of $20 per member (about the price of a cheap packet of cigarettes – with no paid personnel, would give us a $3,000,000 war chest to back good people into our drug plagued national and state capitals.

With the nation drifting towards bankruptcy, fight while you can. We are a dumping ground for drugs from everywhere, also questionable refugees and immigrants.

We have a plan, have you?

PJ Jewell

President, ADDICT Association


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