Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef

LETTER: One Nation sends wrong message

THE kids are getting ready for school, and I'm anxious for them.

Polls are suggesting their parents and grand-parents in Queensland are gearing up to vote for "One Nation" as a credible alternative government.

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What would Pauline's mob pass to the next generation at the school-gate?

"Don't believe the climate change crap your teacher tells you. We know the truth.

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"Pay little regard to foreigners like Sir David Attenborough scare-mongering about the death of the Great Barrier Reef."

To pursue the One divisive, ultra-wrong Nation Pauline Hanson leads is a hateful path. Choose Love and Knowledge based on transparent, evidence-based scholarship. Progress comes from respecting and investing in educational and scientific institutions.

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Does Ms Hanson support a needs-based funding model for Australia's children as the Gonski Education Model does?

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Captain James Cook's mission was not to create a hell-hole wherever he went, it was in the pursuit of Scientific understanding of the Natural world. Banning the CSIRO, BoM, even NASA and the UN indicated on the One Nation web site is self-destructive. Support for One Nation means our children will think they know more than qualified Nobel prize scientists! We would be creating the next Dark Age.


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