Wide Bay candidate for the Greens Joy Ringrose.
Wide Bay candidate for the Greens Joy Ringrose. Robyne Cuerel

Letter: Greens want to re-regulate dairy industry

Letter to the Gympie Times from Greens candidate Joy Ringrose:

UNEMPLOYMENT is a massive problem in Wide Bay, so what's the plan, Stan?

Lucy Stanton thinks that a pumpkin festival/tourism lead recovery will work.

Her plan for a proper, fibre-to-the-home NBN is a better notion.

Does Lllew have a clue?

If so he is keeping quiet about it.

His LNP leaders are parroting "Jobs and Growth".

In reality this means population growth, as they are allowing over 200,000 immigrants per annum in to exacerbate the unemployment problem.

About 140,000 of these are 457 workers on temporary visas.

So the "Jobs" part of their latest three-word-slogan is about giving lowly-paid jobs to 457 visa workers to create massive profits for their corporate sponsors.

Introduced by John Howard in 1996 to cover a skills shortage, there are now approximately one million 457 visa holders here, while there are nearly 700,000 unemployed Australians.

Australia now has the lowest proportion of manufacturing jobs in the OECD, according to a new report by the Centre for Future Work.

Under the LNP government we lost a further 50,000 jobs this year.

The Greens believe that instead of the current annual $7.5 billion of revenue spent on fossil fuel subsidies that prop up coal and CSG mining, Australia should redirect some of that money into the renewable energy sector.

The benefits would be threefold: creating thousands of regional jobs and apprenticeships, lowering household and industrial energy costs, and considerably lowering our greenhouse emissions.

The Greens also want to re-introduce tariffs on imported cars while transitioning our car manufacturers to electric car production. Instead if this innovative approach, LNP are letting our car industry die, with the loss of approximately 200,000 jobs.

Since the de-regulation of the dairy industry, for the benefit of foreign-owned dairy companies and the big two supermarkets, Gympie's dairy industry has been decimated.

The Greens want the dairy industry to be re-regulated and have an $87 million plan to support farmers co-ops, markets, and online sales to give them better prices at the farm gate. This will also boost local regional employment.

It is high time that Australia was governed for the welfare of its people, not for the corporate sponsors of the major parties.

Joy Ringrose,

Greens candidate for Wide Bay,


Gympie Times

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