BLUE Mountain Heights couple Rachael Matthews and Chris Tansacha won't quickly forget the arrival of their young family's new addition.

Little Lennyn Alexis Tansacha has started life in the fast lane, giving her parents an early indication she won't wait for anybody - not even hospital staff or her mum to get into the birthing suite.

Despite the best efforts of Mr Tansacha, Lennyn greeted the world from the front seat of a small Kia Rio mere metres from the Toowoomba Hospital's emergency department last Thursday night.

With a labour the envy of women everywhere, Lennyn was safely tucked into her parents arms less than two hours after Ms Matthews first started feeling contractions despite being born a day before her due date.

"Everything happened very quickly," Ms Matthews said.

"I was having contractions and ... it got to the point where I was thinking I wanted pain relief so I rang the midwife and said I need some."

With her mother by her side, Ms Matthews got ready for the dash to the hospital as soon as Mr Tansacha got home from work.

It never entered their minds that a baby would be born on the front seat of the family sedan.

Thankfully the couple managed to get mostly green lights on the way to the hospital but it still wasn't enough fortune to make it to a hospital bed.

"It was panic, plus the wanting to speed but couldn't speed and having to just slow myself down and not panic, and breathe," Mr Tansacha recalled of his thoughts driving to hospital.

"I think I was breathing as much as Rach."

Ms Matthews' mum Lynne Pollard heard the whole exchange having been put on speaker phone - and forgotten about amid the panic. Like her daughter, she had planned to be in the birthing suite for the delivery but those best laid plans got put to the wayside.

As they pulled up outside the emergency department doors and with a final check on Ms Matthews, Mr Tansacha dashed out of the car and raced toward the nurses, screaming for help.

"The emergency room was packed," he recalled.

"I got to the safety glass windows, put my head right through the glass and yelled, 'quick! I need help! My partner is giving birth in the front seat!'."

From there it was a sea of medical staff that raced to the car to check on Ms Matthews, bringing with them stretchers and a wheelchair in the hope they could get her inside.

But Lennyn was determined to greet the world outside.

"The hospital staff were amazing," Ms Matthews said.

"There was a nurse that was there to catch her and if she hadn't been there, she would have ended up on the floor.

"It's a great birth story, and I have to admit the packed emergency department had a great story to tell that night with every Tom, Dick and Harry watching me get wheeled in."

The rapid birth is a far different story to Lennyn's older sister Arianna whose labour lasted about 12 hours.

Lennyn's labour lasted an hour and 50 minutes, and was born at 9.11pm weighing 3175g (7lb).

"This one was just so fast and intense - nothing like what I was expecting," she said.

With mum and baby doing well and Arianna a proud big sister, Mr Tansacha said he had booked the car in to get it cleaned this week.

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