Chloe Lattanzi gave a trainwreck interview on The Morning Show this morning.
Chloe Lattanzi gave a trainwreck interview on The Morning Show this morning. Contributed

Lattanzi’s trainwreck TV interview

OLIVIA Newton-John's daughter Chloe Lattanzi was left red-faced after she got a little confused on what exactly the term "doodah" meant during a train wreck interview on The Morning Show today.

The 31-year-old, who wore a very low-cut lace black top, was promoting a new designer equestrian range on live TV with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

"You wouldn't wear it riding though would you?" Gillies asked Lattanzi, who was narrowly missing a wardrobe malfunction in the busty blouse.

"It's a misconception, they sort of started off riding but now it's a contemporary high-end women's fashion line we have leggings, dresses, vests, shirts - so equestrian it's really not horse based," Lattanzi answered.

But when Emdur joked, "What you're wearing right now is like you've ridden through the ranges all day and you get off and you're having a little doodah by the campfire. That's more that sort of outfit" Lattanzi looked baffled.

"Wait. What's a doodah? Oh a doodah?" she said with a smoking gesture.

"Oh. Doodah sounds like doobee. Has Australia? You guys haven't legalised cannabis yet right?"

Chloe didn’t quite get it.
Chloe didn’t quite get it. Channel 7

After Gillies confirmed that Australia has not legalised recreational cannabis use, Lattanzi had some advice.

"Oh you gotta get a move on with that," she said.

Emdur and Gillies were shown in fits of laughter when they were interviewing US-based Lattanzi, who also said she had become more comfortable in her own skin with age.

"I think I'm also, you know, with age discovering new passions as well you know," she added.

"I think your teen years are probably the hardest - teen years, early twenties - wouldn't you say?"

As the hosts wrapped-up their interview with Lattanzi, she interrupted them to finish off the on-air chat by plugging a bunch of blog sites and websites.

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