Poppet is missing.
Poppet is missing.

Last-ditch effort to find the puppy farmed pomeranian

FERNVALE woman Carolyn Manns feels like she's living without a heart.

The retiree has lived with the feeling for more than a week after her pomeranian, Poppet, disappeared.

"I lost my own dog about 18 months ago to cancer, I wasn't going to get another dog, but Poppet just stole my heart,” Ms Manns said.

Ms Manns has had Poppet for just three weeks after adopting him from an animal foster carer who has been taking care of the dog since he was seized from a puppy farm.

"He's had a traumatic life and I felt I could give him attention, but he's disappeared,” she said.

"He was constantly with me, he was a lovely little dog, he just melted my heart.”

Ms Manns was gardening alongside Poppet when it started to rain, the shower lasted just three minutes and in that time, he had disappeared.

Both Ms Mann and Poppet's original foster carer Lynne Keen have searched Ms Mann's Fernvale farm, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood, but there is no sign of the dog.

Poodle Rescue & Small Dog Rescue Qld Ms Keen suspects Poppet may have run off after becoming frightened.

"He was seized from a puppy farm by the RSPCA and was so terrified of everything and everybody that he was very snappy,” Ms Keen said.

"I took him home to work with him and he turned into a very lovely little boy although still quite wary of humans.”

She said Poppet was a "gorgeous, little happy dog”, but he was still wary of strangers.

Ms Keen said his disappearance had devastated both her and Ms Manns.

"I can't understand how he went missing,” she said.

"We just want him back more than you could know, not knowing where he is, is the worst thing.”

Ms Keen has worked in the animal industry for decades, but this traumatic experience could cause Poppet to be her last rescue.

"I've spent 30 years of my life doing rescue and to lose one like this that I've put so much work into is just awful,” Ms Keen said.

She urged anyone with information to come forward.

Poppet has a condition, which will require a $6,000 surgery in a matter of years.

Ms Keen is offering a reward for Poppet's return.

If you have any information contact Lynne on 0488004800.

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