Large croc filmed on tourist beach

HELEN McCulloch was taking a morning walk along Kurrimine Beach when she spotted a very large crocodile swimming laps.

The Innisfail woman captured the moment on video, telling the Cairns Post it was an extraordinary experience.

"My reaction was amazement. I haven't ever seen one there before," she said.

She said she was just opposite Sydney Smith St when she spotted some ripples in the water.

"The water was so beautiful and still this morning - it looked perfect for a swim - and he was just cruising along.

"He did a few turns before moving too far away to video. I thought he must be looking for some breakfast."

Kurramine Beach is a popular tourist spot, but is also known for its crocodile population.

In July fishers came under fire after leaving dozens of gutted fish on the Kurrimine Beach boat ramp, sparking anger from the Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

A council spokeswoman said it was irresponsible to leave fish on the water's edge, potentially attracting crocodiles to a populated area.

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