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Laidley Lions get a place to call their own

DESPITE the Laidley Lions Club playing a huge role in the community for the past 42 years, the members have never had a place to call their own.

That will change next month when the building of a new shed at Lions Park is expected to be completed, which will give the club members a place to store their catering equipment.

They had previously held some of it across the road in storage provided by the Mulgowie Farming Company with the rest being held at the homes of club members.

By now having a central location to store the gear, so often seen at community events throughout Laidley, club treasurer David Dye said it would make the Lions a more efficient unit.

"It is all stored at different places so we're doing something and somebody's on holidays it can get difficult to get it all together,” Mr Dye laughed.

"This will mean we will be able to operate quite efficiently from here.

"In the early days of the club, a lot of the members were farmers and they had storage sheds and things like that, those that remain that were there at that time are quite elderly and retired. So they don't have those same facilities any more. It will be good to have our own home.”

The work to complete the shed and a surrounding fence is set to be finished by the middle of February and there are plans to install further picnic equipment at the back of facility by the end of the financial year.

An opening for the shed will be held next month once it has been completed.

It has been funded by a Federal grant, which matched every dollar raised towards the facility.

Mr Dye said it took four years for the group to raise the money and finalise the site in the park with which the Lions have a long history.

"As with all Lions clubs, all the money that we get from the community, it all goes back to the community. The money that we got to raise this (project) is actually separate from the money that the community gives us,” he said.

"That's all come from grants and our own fundraising.

"This original toilet block and what have you is all built by the Lions club, so we've got quite an association with this park.”

The Laidley Lions currently have 10 active members and are always on the lookout for more to get involved.

"We're really the major service club for this town so if there's floods, or anything like that, we're the people who are there as the third layer behind state government and the council,” he said.

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