Kindy reopens after flood

CHILDREN at the Lowood C&K Kindergarten have a new reason to smile with the facilities outdoor area back to normal after floods forced its closure for several months.

After the floods in January, a large part of the outside play area was damaged and was deemed unsafe.

Centre Director Lisa Caldecutt, said the non-profit kindergarten relied on fundraising from parents and donations from businesses in the community to repair the playground and become fully operational once again.

“Luckily we didn't have to close after the floods, but we were without an outside play area for the first term, which in the summer months wasn't ideal,” Miss Caldecutt said.

“We had to close the playground off from the children and replace all the sand in the sandpit in case there was debris left over from the flood.

“Because we are a non-profit organisation and our insurance only covered half of the artificial turf replacement, we had to come up with the rest.

“Our parent committee did a great job with the fundraising and the community were amazing, providing a lot of donations, some money, some gifts to donate.”

Miss Caldecutt said the fundraising brought a new addition to the facility as well as recovery from the floods.

“Because of all the money raised we were able to afford a brand new smart board which has really enhanced the learning of the kids,” she said.

“The children mean a lot to me and I want to be able to give them the best possible start in life because expectations in schools are so much higher these days.”

Lowood C&K Kindergarten is accepting enrolments for 2012. For inquiries contact Lisa on 5426 1859.

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