Kind donation to kindy

THE power of technology continues to transcend boundaries.

It all started with a simple plea for help as Heidi-Maree Palmer was trapped in her Laidley home as the water rose in the January flood disaster.

“I was isolated at home and went on Facebook and put out the message and it just spread,” she said.

Toni Dugdale, who works at Caltex Refineries, came across the message and decided she wanted to help and got straight to work.

She did it out of her own good will and was supported by her company in her project.

“I have been doing a project to donate a crate full of goodies to people that lost everything,” Ms Dugdale said.

“When I heard the Laidley C&K Kindergarten needed help to rebuild after their building was devastated in the floods I jumped at the opportunity to help.

“They had flood water to the roof and it ruined or washed away 98 per cent of their furniture, toys and other supplies.”

Ms Dugdale said all that was left was an empty building and a playground covered in mud and to brighten up their spirits she collected hundreds of donations ranging from brand new items to well-loved ones.

“I have managed to get a 20ft container for a month, free-of-charge from Caltex and Patricks Port Logistics agreed to transport it to Laidley which is fabulous,” she said.

“It took a lot of car and ute loads to even look like it had anything in it, but now it is really looking great.

She contacted another C&K Kindy who helped her put together a ‘wish list' in conjunction with the staff in Laidley.

“I've had donations from other C&K Kindergartens such as Norman Park and Wynnum in Brisbane and the local True Value Hardware at Laidley has donated a garden shed as well.”

The container was filled with furniture, microwaves, computers, brooms, a wheelbarrow, wooden toys, car mats, rugs, paint and much more to restock the kindergarten.

“I have a Little Tykes slide, 20 little chairs, a plasma TV, DVD player, vacuum cleaner, a kettle, cups, towels and the list goes on... It's amazing really!”

Director of Laidley Kindergarten, Barbara Buchanan, said it was amazing for Ms Dugdale to do such a thing and she couldn't thank her enough.

“Now the children can have a wonderful time,” she said.

“It is hard to know at this stage what we need exactly but we lost all our books, furniture and equipment that would be worth tens of thousands of dollars.”

“We just found out our insurance cover is limited and we will only receive a fifth of the original contents.”

She said the flood was so devastating, water came into the building and swirled around inside.

On March 5, there will be a working bee at the kindergarten on William St, Laidley, and other members of the community are encouraged to help.

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