COURT: Wood and brass judges gavel on a law book.
Photo contributed.
COURT: Wood and brass judges gavel on a law book. Photo contributed. Contributed

Kids call triple 000 on alleged DV

A TEWANTIN man who allegedly entered his ex-partners house and acted so aggressively her children called the police has been refused bail.

The same man is also facing a stealing charge after allegedly taking a woman's phone as he waited at the Gympie Magistrates Court for a separate matter.

The 32-year-old man, who cannot be named, faced the Gympie Magistrates Court this week charged with two counts of contravention of a domestic violence order, stealing and driving without a licence.

The prosecutor opposed the defendant's bail application and read the police report that resulted in the domestic violence order contravention charges.

Police alleged the defendant let himself into his ex-partner's house on a night in June, entered the woman's bedroom, and threw a pillow at her to wake her up.

He then allegedly told her to follow him into another room, where he closed the door and began verbally abusing her.

Police alleged the defendant then grabbed the woman in a bear hug, saying, "I love you, give me a hug".

The prosecutor told the court that the woman's children were outside the door at the time, crying for their mother before calling the police.

The defendant's bail application saw a one-day delay because of his sleeping father.

The defendant first appeared in the dock on Monday in an attempt to apply for bail, but his defence lawyer Rachel Tierney was unable to get confirmation until Tuesday that the defendant's parents in Tewantin would allow the defendant to live with them and that they could supervise him whenever he left the property.

Ms Tierney had called the defendant's mother, who told her the defendant's father was still sleeping after a night shift and she would not wake him.

Those details were confirmed by Tuesday.

Ms Tierney said the defendant had plans of employment, had just completed a traffic control course and had been "clean" for nine months.

However, Magistrate M. Baldwin refused bail because the defendant was not likely to obey bail conditions.

"His history is peppered with his unconcerned nature for court orders," Mrs Baldwin said.

She said there was a strong court case for the stealing charge and a "fairly strong" case for the contravention of domestic violence order charge.

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