Singer Justin Bieber.
Singer Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is planning his own emoji phone app

JUSTIN Bieber is releasing his own emoji app.

The 22-year-old singer will follow in the footsteps of stars including Kim Kardashian West and Amber Rose when he launches a range of the messaging graphic symbols on Friday (03.06.16).

Justin teased fans by posting a sneak peek on Instagram with the caption: "Friday @AppStore (sic)."

Emojis have proved to be extremely successful for celebrities and Amber reportedly made $2 million on the opening day of her range.

The 32-year-old star debuted her MuvaMojis, a set of 900 symbols available from Apple and Android app stores in March and is said to be set to receive a cut of the profits after the successful start.

Sources close to the fashion designer said Amber has already made $4 million out of the app after signing a deal with developer Appmoji.

And Kim's are said to make her $1 million a minute.

According to reports, the $1.99 app was getting downloaded at a rate of 9,000 times per millisecond on its first day.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Justin is considering selling his dreadlocks for charity.

The singer recently shaved his head and his hairdresser Florido revealed that the 'Sorry' hitmaker is hoping to put his locks to good use by raising money for a worthy cause.

He told US Cosmopolitan magazine: "He wore them for maybe a month and then wanted to change up his look. Not to mention his hair was bleached and was already fragile, plus it was knotted and teased from the dreads.

"The haircut was his idea. He's always very adamant about doing things differently than what everyone else is doing.

"It's always shocking to come from long hair to short hair, right? But as soon as he walked into the hallway from the dressing room, everyone was going off about how cool it looked, because no one had ever seen him like that except for when he was a little kid. He's into it too - he looks like a young Brad Pitt. We still have the dreads though, now we might try to sell them for a charity."

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