Joel Creasey hosts Seven's new show, Take Me Out.
Joel Creasey hosts Seven's new show, Take Me Out.

Cringe moment from Joel Creasey’s new show

YOU know when you think something will be funny, it happens, and then you realise it wasn't funny at all?

That's exactly what Joel Creasey experienced when filming an episode of his new dating show on Channel 7, Take Me Out.

On the program, which kicks off tonight, a single male is introduced to a panel of 30 girls and tries to persuade them to keep their lights on so he can choose one for a potential date on the Gold Coast.

Most of the men who appear on the show are very attractive, but Creasey revealed to that at least one guy wasn't a hit with the ladies and went home without a date.

"I'm a cold-hearted person and when we talked about it in production meetings I thought, 'this will be so funny, I can't wait for a blackout'," the comedian said.

"Then it actually happened and I'm looking around going, 'Who's going to comfort this poor guy?' Then I realised it's my job and it was quite awkward. There was a lot of cringey hugging and then I just tried to get him off the stage."

Creasey said the producers then managed to sink the boot in even further.

"The producers go all out and they made the guy walk off the stage to All By Myself as the girls waved him off. It was pretty hardcore."

Creasey is the perfect host for Take Me Out and his witty comments keep the show moving at a cracking pace. But the real stars of the show are the 30 women who get to decide if they're willing to date the men that get paraded in front of them.


The girls who will star on Take Me Out.
The girls who will star on Take Me Out.


"It was funny, they got really brutal about guys that I was certain would be their type," Creasey said.

"The best comment was when a girl called Carly said (to one of the men), 'If you're milk, I've just become lactose intolerant!' It was day one, guy one, and I thought, 'Oh my god, you girls are not holding back!'

"I'm meant to be everyone's wingman so I'm a bit torn when someone says something like that. I feel sorry for the guy but the stand-up comedian inside of me goes, 'Hilarious, good one, babe!'"

When the girls are a fan of one of the guy's on stage, they certainly aren't shy about showing their feelings.

"The girls get really quite graphic at times," Creasey told

"When we recorded the show I wasn't aware we were going to be in a 7.30pm timeslot which is not my usual area. When I heard it was on at 7.30pm I thought all the raunch would be cut out. But then I saw the cut and clearly someone very loose at Channel 7 approved it all because it's very naughty and I love it!"

Creasey, 28, is currently dating model Jack Stratton Smith, but just like some of the fellas on Take Me Out he's also been brutally rejected when looking for love.

Jack Stratton-Smith and Joel Creasey. Picture: David Cook
Jack Stratton-Smith and Joel Creasey. Picture: David Cook

"I was on a date at the movies when I was 18 and halfway through the film the guy said, 'I need to go to the bathroom'," Creasey told

"He never came back. I had to finish the movie, and the popcorn, on my own."

The experience was so brutal that Creasey still remembers what movie they were seeing even though it was a decade ago.

"It was that Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant film, Did You Hear About the Morgans? It's such a bad film. The only thing that's given me peace over the years is the thought that he just couldn't bear another minute of that film and that's why he left.

"I haven't seen him since but every time I'm on TV I sort of hope he's at home watching and thinking, 'What could have been?' Or he could be thinking, 'Gees, dodged a bullet there.'"

Take Me Out premieres tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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