44 HAPPY YEARS: Janet and Rob Krause look forward to celebrating their upcoming wedding anniversary.
44 HAPPY YEARS: Janet and Rob Krause look forward to celebrating their upcoming wedding anniversary. Photo Contributed

Janet and Rob Krause share over forty years of love

JANET Krause will celebrate 44 happy years of marriage with her beloved Rob this Friday.

She recollects their wedding day, her life as a teacher, mother and the changes she’s seen over the years.

“Our wedding was traditional, we were married at St John’s Lutheran Church in Ipswich, on June 10, 1972,” she said.

“The wedding was at 5pm – that was a fairly common time in those days but I tease Bob that it was that time so he could do the milking first.

“One thing we remember and laugh about is, as I reached Bob at the altar, a button popped off the front of his hired suit.

“We all had a little giggle and it certainly calmed our nerves a bit.”

Janet said the cost of a wedding was much less back then.

“Catering would have been about $10, or less a head,” she said.

“My mother, who was a good dressmaker made my dress and those of my bridesmaids.”

Janet recalled how in those years, when women got married they had to resign from their job as a teacher.

“But I was re-employed immediately and remained at the same school,” she said.

“A few years before that, women were not even given their jobs back when they married.

“I worked until just before my eldest son, Tim, was born and then resigned, as women did in those days.

“I didn’t return to full time work until Tim was in Year 10 and Jon, our youngest was in Year 2.”

Born on March 31, 1948, in Ipswich, Janet grew up on a dairy farm in Mount Walker with her two sisters, Ann and Lynda.

“I went to Mount Walker school until Year 6. It was a one teacher school, and isn’t there any more,” she said.

“And I attended Rosewood School for Years 7 and 8.

“For my senior years I attended Saint Peters College in Indooroopilly.”

Janet met husband to be, Rob at Rural Youth at Rosewood, where he was an advisor in 1969.

“We’ve done some wonderful things together,” she said.

“We’ve done lots of travelling in the last 20 years, around the UK, Europe, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Norfolk Island.”

Janet had an illustrious career as a primary school teacher, which spanned over 30 years.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, from a very early age,” she said.

“And after St Peters, I made my dream come true when I went to teacher’s college for two years in Brisbane.

Janet came full circle, when she began teaching at Rosewood Primary School at the age of 18 in 1976.

“I was a younger teacher because I started school when I was four. Mount Walker School was so small they took in younger children every second year,” she said.

“After three years at Rosewood, I went out to an Aboriginal mission called Hopevale, just out from Cooktown.

“ I taught at Fernvale and Mount Marrow after that and I did supply work, which is now called relief teaching, at various schools in the district.

“I came home, got married and was teaching at Ipswich Central, then I went back to Rosewood.”

When she returned to teaching, after having her children, Janet’s qualifications were no longer good enough.

“So I studied at USQ for a Bachelor of Education and graduated in 1988,” she said.

“I had four kids and was studying and working.”

Janet retired from teaching in 2010, finishing up at Marburg.

She recalled how schooling practices have changed considerably over the years.

We had bigger classes back then. I had 35 children in my first year,” she said.

“The difference was the kids sat down and kept quiet then, so you did more teaching.

“It was much more teacher orientated and directed.”

Janet said she once taught a boy in Rosewood, then years later taught his daughter and son at Mount Marrow.

Janet’s biggest joy is running into old students she has taught.

“I see them in the supermarket sometimes and they come and give me a hug,” she said.

Janet spoke fondly of her “gorgeous grandchildren” who are now her and Rob’s focus.

“Michael, 16, and Christian, 14, live at Marburg, not far from us. Their dad is Tim,” she said.

“Isaac, 7, Jonah, 5, and Elijah, 8 months, live at Raceview – their dad is Paul.

“Jasmine, 2, lives at Seventeen Mile Rocks. She’s the only girl born into our family, and David is her dad.

“Rory, 4, and Angus, 2, live at Boonah and their father is Jon.”

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