Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver reveals his addiction - and it ain't booze

JAMIE Oliver once averaged three-and-a-half hours of sleep a night.

The celebrity chef admits that he lived an unhealthy lifestyle for a decade, causing him to put on weight and stopping him from functioning like a regular person.

Jamie, 39, shared: "'For the past decade I've been averaging about three-and-a-half hours a night.

"It got to a point this summer where I had to do something. I knew there was something wrong with me.

"On a fundamental level I wasn't functioning like a normal person.

"I'd sit down in the office, fall asleep and start dribbling. Not pretty. Not good."

Jamie, whose personal fortune is worth around £150 million, says people would take his issue more seriously if he had another type of addiction.

He told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "I feel like I should be admitting to being an alcoholic - people get that. But my thing is not sleeping."

Jamie explained that he's now sleeping more hours per night and has lost weight.

The popular TV chef said: "I've got healthier and I've got more energy. I'm sharper in my head and more sober in the way I think."

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