Groper jailed after sexual rampage

A MACKAY rugby league player and professional musician attacked seven women - including a seven-month pregnant woman, a 60-year-old and a teenager in school uniform - during a three-month sexual rampage.

Lama Leroy Fred sat with his head dipped low into his hands in the prisoner's dock as Crown prosecutor Ken Spinaze detailed his decade-long history of groping women or masturbating in front of them.

Mr Spinaze told Brisbane District Court the 28-year-old had caused women in the Mackay community anxiety and fear for many years because of his behaviour.

This included masturbating in front of a young mother and her baby in a public park and punching people to the ground.

Mr Spinaze said Fred had now unleashed his "sexual deviance" on Inala and Durack women.

He said some of the women feared the actions were a prelude to rape.

Mr Spinaze asked for a sentence of three to four years jail with parole release.

But defence barrister Tim Ryan urged the judge to consider suspending the sentence because his client had already served 361 days behind bars.

He said even if he applied immediately, Fred was unlikely to get parole for at least a few months and parole authorities could keep him in custody even longer.

Mr Ryan said his client, raised in Mackay, had problems with alcohol and marijuana.

He said Fred's partner had gone into jail for driving offences and the great stress had led him to re-offend.

Mr Spinaze said Fred might have had a five-year offending break but he had returned to offending "with a vengeance" between March and May last year.

Judge David Reid said community protection was important but he was persuaded Fred could achieve help outside jail.

He sentenced him to three years' jail, suspended after the time served, and ordered he complete three years' probation with a condition he abstain from alcohol and drugs.

Judge Reid said Fred's actions must have been "appallingly frightening" to his victims.

"Each of the women were complete strangers going about their daily life in public," he said.

"You have a prior history of similar conduct which is worrying in the extreme."



  • A 28yo woman, who was seven months pregnant, was leaving the post office at 9am when Fred brazenly grabbed her buttocks. She fell and saw he was exposing himself. Thought she was going to be raped in that public place.
  • A 19yo girl was at a bus stop at 8am when he exposed himself penis to her.
  • An 18yo girl was walking to her bus stop when he grabbed her crutch from behind. When she got away from him, he called out and he exposed his genitals to her.
  • He grabbed the breasts of a 60yo woman, also in a public place at 6.30am, from behind and pushed his genitals against her buttocks. Told her to stop yelling for help.
  • Caught masturbating behind a bus shelter while a young woman waited for a bus. Nearby residents saw him and called him a dirty pig.
  • A 23yo arrived at 1.50pm at the same bus stop. He followed the woman to a park and grabbed her from behind. She tried calling for help but he held his hand over her mouth. Rubbing his genitals against her buttocks.
  • Masturbating in front of a 21yo at the Inala Civic Centre.
  • Masturbating in front of a 16yo girl in a park.

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