Jail for couple who led police on chase in stolen car

A MAN and a woman charged with the armed theft of a car in Bundaberg which they abandoned in Oakey after avoiding police intercepts have both been sentenced to jail terms.

Henry Allan Martin, 31, and Ebony Dempsey, 23, had arrived in Queensland from Victoria a week before the incidents on February 16 last year, Toowoomba District Court heard.

The pair had been talking to another young couple in Bundaberg when Martin had said, "Sorry to do this, but I'm taking your car", Crown prosecutor Matt LeGrand said.

When the man protested, Martin had produced a flick knife telling the man he didn't want to hurt him but threatened to slit his throat.

The pair then drove off in the car which had the victims' wallets and personal items inside.

They did two drive-offs from service stations as they headed south, and police had clocked them doing 130kmh.

Police attempted to stop the car by deploying "stingers" across the highway, but Martin had driven off the road, almost hitting a policeman, and kept driving, Mr LeGrand said.

The couple had eventually abandoned the car in Oakey but were soon arrested.

Both were remanded in custody with Martin assaulting a corrective services officer while in jail.

Both pleaded guilty to armed robbery and stealing while Martin also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and serious assault.

Martin had a serious criminal history which included a previous armed robbery for which he had been jailed, while Dempsey had a relatively minor criminal history.

Noting Martin had spent 378 days in pre-sentence custody, Judge Dennis Lynch QC sentenced him to 42 months in jail but ordered he be eligible to apply for release on parole as of August 17 this year.

Judge Lynch declared 80 days served by Dempsey as time already served and sentenced her to 30 months in jail but ordered she be released immediately on parole.

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