Islamic society rejects Doblo’s controversial claims

THE Islamic Society of Central Queensland have condemned an advertisement placed by controversial businessman Dominic Doblo as "hate filled" and false.

They have called for peace and harmony within the region and asked those with genuine concerns about Islam to contact the society directly "and avoid looking at the situation as an opportunity for political leverage".

The advertisement, which ran in The Morning Bulletin last week, made "extremist Muslim" allegations about a guest speaker at an Islamic Open Day on June 7, 2014.

The event was attended by politicians, the media, Queensland Police Service, the wider community and Mr Doblo.

In a group statement released late yesterday, the Central Queensland Muslim community cited a Facebook post from Mr Doblo praising the event.

"Attended the Islamic open day," Mr Doblo wrote on Facebook on June 7, 2014.

"Very genuine people who made me feel more than welcome."

The statement said the guest speaker, Waseem Razvi, who spoke at the event, is part of an organisation which "frequently works with Christian, Jewish and Buddhist communities creating bridges and understanding".

As reported in The Morning Bulletin on October 6, Deakin University defended Mr Razvi's appearance at the function which Mr Doblo questioned in the advertisement.

"As we write this statement, Mr Razvi is attending an interfaith event organised by Ballarat Interfaith Network at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints," the statement said.

"We would suggest Mr Doblo seek justification from the organisers and attendees of this event since it is happening right now before questioning an event that took place 18 months ago."

They said there were also upset by Mr Doblo's statement that "Rockhampton Muslims want to be accepted".

"We correct you (Mr Doblo) there, we do not want to be accepted but rather we know that we are accepted by the community and we have accepted this community and Rockhampton as our home.

"We identify ourselves as proud Australian Muslims.

"After all the unGodly violence that has taken place in France, Lebanon and now Mali; humans all over the globe are in shock and pain.

"This is not the time to manipulate these emotions for one's own political gains and definitely not through paid advertisements.

"Manipulation of human emotions are tactics used by extremists and that is exactly what they want us to do; to divide and hate each other. Because more than anything these extremists fear our unity."

The statement concluded that the society would "continue to uphold the value of compassion and patience" before wishing peace upon Mr Doblo and the region.

Mr Doblo last night declined to respond.

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