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Irwin wants end to hunting of dugongs, turtles by Aborigines

WILDLIFE campaigner Bob Irwin has made a rare public appeal, calling for a stop to the killing of dugongs and turtles by Aborigines.

The founder of Australia Zoo and father of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, made the call yesterday in a joint statement with Cairns activist Colin Riddell.

"The killing has to stop," the statement, under the banner of the Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation, said.

"Dugongs and turtles are endangered and we are witnessing a rapid and unwarranted decline.

"We can no longer stand by and watch, witness to the impending extinction of this precious marine life."

Mr Irwin, who is president of the foundation which bears his name, said dugongs, turtles and 50 other Australian animals were hunted and inhumanely slaughtered in large numbers, under the guise of traditional hunting practices.

"For several years we have been calling for a moratorium on dugong and turtle hunting, launching television advertisements, seeking help from Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders to end the slaughter of these animals," he says.

"The list of endangered and vulnerable native animals continues to grow unabated, while the killing by rogue elements continues unchallenged.

"We call for an urgent change to the Native Title Act 1993, so that any endangered or vulnerable animal or marine life is excluded from hunting by any means, for any reason."

How do you feel about the call by Bob Irwin for a hunting ban?

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