$4000 a month for ‘feet licking’

A 50-YEAR-OLD widow has discovered a lucrative new career as a foot fetish model, raking in up to $4000 a month, or around $50,000 a year, taking photos of her feet and posting them online.

Gweneth Lee from San Diego, California was a former commercial foot model before she was forced to become a dog walker and part-time dominatrix to make ends meet after the 2008 financial crisis.

She first got into the dominatrix business when she joined a website for extramarital affairs, where she met more than 100 men. As she developed a following on Instagram, she began to receive requests for pictures of just her feet.

"I never really noticed the foot fetish thing until the social media wave came along," she told the South West News Service.

"I would always post pictures of my feet by the pool and it got a huge following. I ended up creating a new Instagram just for people who love my feet."

She now has more 1400 followers on her Instagram page and spends an hour each day pampering her feet for shoots.

"You have to drink two to three litres of water a day to keep the skin on your feet beautiful and your cuticles hydrated," she said.

"I use foot cream on my heels and my feet three times a day, and I tend to always have socks on or shoes just to protect them.

"I wear toe separators when I go to the gym or I go running, which is what my acupuncturist thinks is healthier for the longevity of my feet. I also eat a lot of fresh fish because the fish oil hydrates your cuticles."

Ms Lee also arranges meet-ups with men who pay to massage, lick and masturbate on her feet. Her fans shower her with cash and gifts, and some have flown her to hotels around the world including to New York and London.

"I tend to get a high caliber clientele," she said.

"They're educated, and they're good family men. People with foot fetishes in general tend to be quite gentle people. It's not a hardcore fetish. I think it's no different than men who love lingerie. They just love to see their partner dressed up in beautiful stockings, and some men love shoes.

"It's usually the businessman who's sitting around all day, and he's got a wife and three kids to care for. He's got a lot of pressure. If he wants to come to me on his lunch break to kiss my feet and masturbate on them and lick it off, let him do it.

"This is two adults making adult decisions. I'm amazed how many men are just really kind. Everybody has something they love, and some people just love feet."

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