Inquiry continues to seek answers

TWENTY-ONE DEAD andthree still missing. Could this have been prevented?

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor, Steve Jones, has “no doubt” that more time would have helped the situation.

This question comes to light as the State Government's commission inquiry continues to probe the circumstances surrounding the flood disaster that ripped through the Lockyer Valley in January.

With the inquiry now in Toowomba, Cr Jones said many residents were still seeking answers as to whether the disaster could have been allayed with more preparedness.

“As far as the Lockyer Valley goes our section of the inquiry will start on April 27,” Cr Jones said.

Cr Jones has been subpoenaed to give information about the commission's inquiry but there will be a number of issues that are likely to arise from the inquiry.

“From the residents' point of view, they want to know about early weather warnings, ongoing insurance matters and they want to know about the performance of the emergency services during the disaster,” he said.

He added there would be concerns about the handling of areas like Grantham and Murphys Creek where lives were lost and how they may be improved in the future.

“Most of the things are to do with the handling of the emergency after it happened and people must remember this is the biggest disaster we have ever seen in Queensland,” Cr Jones said.

“It is important the handling of future emergency situations is done well and right and people realise that.

“In this case it affected many townships, not just one.”

During the inquiry witnesses including hydrologists, police and other members of the community are being brought forward to give evidence and their accounts of what happened on January 10.

The inquiry can be watched at

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