Innocence lost: One little boy’s descent into hell

A BEAUTIFUL boy with incredibly sad eyes.

These are the first things that strike you about David.

The 12-year-old blonde-haired blue-eyed Ipswich lad used to laugh a lot but lately dark and potentially deadly thoughts dance through his young mind.


How the system let a sex predator abuse three little boys

Mums' outrage as child sex abuser walks free

Graduating from primary school on Tuesday, the youngster should have been celebrating with his mates and dreaming of the long lazy summer break ahead.

Instead David spent the day wondering how much jail time a judge would hand the manipulative and calculating teenage sex predator who stole his innocence.

"Sometimes I wish I didn't have to live after what happened," David said.

"It's made me feel like hurting myself, even wishing I was dead."

David (not his name) was one of three boys who fell victim to sexual abuse by the Ipswich man who is now aged 18.

Their abuser - who cannot be named - was sentenced to a suspended jail sentence, probation and a conditional release order for 17 offences.

David struggles to distance himself from self-blame stemming from the complex web of lies, deceit, manipulation and blackmail his abuser used to control him.

The 12-month court process hit his family hard and David feels guilt for his parents' emotional turmoil.

When something traumatic happens he takes the burden as his own, even blaming himself for the death of his little sister in June - the baby died at 23 weeks gestation.

"Every time something happens to my family I feel that it's my fault for the stress that I have caused them," he said.

"I wish ... this wouldn't have happened to me.

"But wishes don't come true - well (not) for me."


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