The ingredient that's sabotaging your weight loss goals

THERE'S a common perception that salt only makes you thirsty, but it's actually also to blame for those after-dinner pangs of hunger.

New research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation put two groups of people on a diet that contained the same calories and nutrients - except for one small detail, the salt intake.

According to the paper, those on the higher salt diet reported feeling hungrier more often, even though they were eating an equal energy intake as those on the lower salt diet.

Head researcher Dr. Titze says this is likely because when we eat salt the body tries to hoard and conserve its water, which uses a decent amount of energy - and thus makes you feel hungrier, faster.

But what can you do to satisfy your savoury tastes without upping your sodium intake?

The best option is to go for herbs and spices to flavour your foods. You'll find you don't even miss the salt.

You might opt for potato fries oven baked with garlic and rosemary, or dukkah encrusted chicken breast to have a delicious and fun Friday night that won't make you want to break your healthy eating streak.

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