Infrastructure rise causes anger

AUSTRALIA can be a costly place to live in 2010 especially when frustrated ratepayers face ever-increasing costs.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC) said they are facing the brunt of community complaints as skyrocketing rates continue to shock the region.

Mayor Steve Jones said infrastructure charges are being laid down by semi-corporate entities and he has never seen astronomical costs like it.

“We've never had this disgusting amount of charges and the community must stand up,” Cr Jones said.

“We need to take a serious look at what's going on.”

He said rural areas are losing big time.

“There is one rule for one and one rule for another.”

The Queensland Urban Utilities' (QUU) high costs and standards of infrastructure maintenance have cause more headaches within local government and increased dissent within the community.

“We get labelled as the ones who are increasing the charges,” Cr Graham Moon said.

“The community must be aware that the council is not to blame.”

Cr Jones said the State Government was trying to attract rural landholders into metropolitan developments and certain areas were being privileged over others.

LVRC is launching an official request into prices of available services and a comparison between State Government charges.

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