In jail for 221 days over feed of Maccas

AN ATTEMPT to steal a bag of McDonald's in the early hours of a February morning, which escalated into a group bashing, has seen an Ipswich man stay behind bars for more than 200 days.

Waylon Blaize Sandy, 18, last week pleaded guilty at the Ipswich District Court to robbery with personal violence in company and stealing.

On February 2 this year two men were walking to their Ipswich home after buying food from McDonald's on Limestone St.

The court heard on Waghorn St they were approached by Sandy and one or two others who asked them for food, cigarettes or money.

When the pair declined Sandy snatched the bag of McDonald's out of one of the man's hands. The other man then approached Sandy to try to get it back, causing Sandy to start wildly swinging punches.

He failed to connect and the man managed to get Sandy in a headlock as they wrestled for the food. The other man then noticed a large group of people, who had been across the road at a park, running towards them.

The group attacked the pair, which allowed Sandy to escape the headlock. The court heard there was no evidence Sandy was involved in the brutal assault that the group then carried out on the two men.

The assault, described as "protracted and brutal" by the Crown prosecution, left one with a broken nose and the other with a dislocated shoulder.

At 5am on the same morning an extremely intoxicated Sandy got in a taxi with other people. The driver asked them to show him money to prove they could pay their fare.

The request started an argument between the group and the driver during which Sandy grabbed the driver's mobile phone out of its cradle in the car. He told the driver he wouldn't return the phone unless he drove them to where they wanted to go.

Soon after a tow truck noticed the disturbance and pulled up, causing Sandy to return the phone, with police arriving soon after. He was arrested and placed into custody for the next 221 days.

Judge Greg Koppenol said the events of the night demonstrated how a smaller incident could dramatically escalate.

"Your behaviour was of course appalling," he said.

"The involvement of the group of people was really a tragedy for Ipswich.

"People should be able to walk down the street in a modern city like Ipswich without being confronted by people like you."

Judge Koppenol said if Sandy hadn't spent such a long time in pre-sentence custody he would be going back into prison.

"It's because you've already served 221 days in pre-sentence custody I'm going to let you out today," he said.

Sandy was sentenced to an 18 month prison sentence, with 221 days declared time already served. He was granted immediate parole.

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