Allan Langer.
Allan Langer.

Alfie will keep kids role in club

A REMORSEFUL Allan Langer has apologised for his behaviour which he admits let all Queenslanders down.

But the Daily can reveal he will continue as a Brisbane Broncos “ambassador in the community” despite being stood down from his coaching role.

On Monday afternoon, as Broncos boss Bruno Cullen was addressing the media about Langer’s arrest for drink-driving, the former champion halfback was cracking jokes with sick children at Brisbane’s Mater Hospital. Insiders said he did not want to disappoint them.

The former champion Brisbane Broncos halfback returned an alleged blood alcohol reading of more than three times the legal limit when stopped for a random breath test on Monday.

Mobile phone video footage supplied to TV stations shows Langer dancing on top of a table wearing only his underwear in a popular Brisbane hotel hours before being stopped by police.

“I accept my actions were unacceptable – people do and are entitled to expect more from me,” Langer said in a statement yesterday.

“I have let people down by not leading by example.

“Unfortunately, I can’t change the mistake I have made. The only thing I can do is look to the future and try to do better.

“The list of apologies is long and includes my family, the Broncos’ family, rugby league fans and the Queensland public.

“I’m sorry for letting all those people down. I’m embarrassed, and I’m angry at myself for not doing the right thing.

“I failed in being the best I could be, which is how I tried to play rugby league.

“I have always worked to do the best I could, for myself, for the team and for every

one who supports our great game.

“This was not my best behaviour and it was certainly not my best performance.

“On this field, I have an obligation to do better. I do not ask that any less be expected of me.

“As a first step I will take my punishment on the chin but, more importantly, I give an assurance that I will try to do better in the future.”

Once a week, Caloundra-based Langer takes three players with him to visit children’s hospitals, the homeless, the aged, the disabled, and schools.

Broncos managing director Bruno Cullen said Langer would continue in the role of community ambassador, as he did on Monday.

“He would have been devastated at the thought that on Monday these kids would have been disappointed at him not visiting them, as had been promised.”


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