Katter Party's two Queensland MPs Robbie Katter, left, and Shane Knuth
Katter Party's two Queensland MPs Robbie Katter, left, and Shane Knuth Facebook

Katter Party MPs say Wellington's decision 'premature'

KATTER'S Australian Party says it is common knowledge that independent Peter Wellington will back Labor to form government.

Katters Australian Party MPs Shane Knuth, left, and Robbie Katter.
Katters Australian Party MPs Shane Knuth, left, and Robbie Katter. Rae Wilson

But two of the three Queensland crossbenchers with the power to form minority government in the state say it is "too soon" to make that call.

Mt Isa MP Robert Katter said he did not think the Nicklin MP would be upset he had publicly declared the independent's position despite telling media two hours before Mr Wellington is due to hold a press conference.

"It's common knowledge out there in the ether that Peter Wellington has made his decision. He's going to back the ALP," he said.

"From our point of view that's far too premature and akin to running to the trial line without the ball.

"We believe Queensland is still in a state of flux.

"This decision today (from Wellington) does not deliver stable government."

Mr Katter said he believed Maryborough was still in play among four seats in doubt, a by-election was possible in Ferny Grove and there were 100,000 postal votes yet to be counted.

He said while the ALP might have more seats, the LNP had more of the primary vote which meant neither party had a clear mandate.

"That leaves us in the position where we can deliver something special to the people of Queensland,"' he said.

"We have the leverage to deliver the Galilee Basin, an ethanol industry, jobs, investment in infrastructure that will build Queensland.

"We're working very hard to make that happen but this is far too premature.

"We haven't even got feedback from sides on how that's going to happen."

Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth said the party was meeting with the Queensland Coordinator-General and Treasury experts on what the state coffers could afford.

He said the party wanted an investigation into electricity pricing "rorts" and to create a state government insurance office.

Mr Katter said the LNP's Fiona Simpson and Lawrence Springborg had approached his party, as had Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk and Mr Wellington.

But he said neither side had been able to provide feedback on projects KAP wanted guaranteed.

Mr Katter rejected suggestions he would not wait for an outcome in the Ferny Grove by-election before picking a side.

"We're not just trying to back the winner here, we are trying to deliver what we think are the best outcomes for Queensland," he said.

Mr Wellington is expected to speak at 10.30am

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Wellington to announce which party he will back today

Peter Wellington
Peter Wellington

AS COUNTING continues in the state election, independent Nicklin MP Peter Wellington has moved closer to finalising who will get his support.

In a move that could help decide which party takes power, Mr Wellington told media yesterday that he would "sleep on" his decision.

He said he would announce his decision today.

Mr Wellington said he had remained steadfast in his calls for consistency and that there had to be some sense of security for whichever party formed government.

He was adamant that "the next government in Queensland is able to govern with confidence, that there won't be frivolous votes of no confidence raised on the floor of parliament".

Mr Wellington confirmed he had met both major parties, but as of late yesterday was giving the Katter Party representatives, Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth, more time to reach their decision on who to support.

"I have had those meetings," Mr Wellington said yesterday.


"I would prefer to give the Katter boys some additional time and I am prepared to make an announcement tomorrow."

As of late last night, the ABC's election vote calculator had Labor with 43 seats and the LNP with 39 seats,

after 80.2% of the votes had been counted.

Confusion still reigned to some degree within the LNP over a leader, with Newman government health minister Lawrence Springborg named as representative to speak with Mr Wellington and the Katter MPs.

Mr Wellington was critical of Campbell Newman for his failure to enable the LNP to move forward.

"This confusion is a direct result, I believe, of Premier Newman's decision to not allow the Liberal National Party members to meet and choose a new team," he said.

"I think there is real confusion because, unfortunately, Premier Newman has indicated he won't allow a meeting to be held."

The picture was expected to become clearer today.

However, the seat of Ferny Grove could face a by-election because Palmer

United Party candidate Mark Taverner was an undischarged bankrupt and ineligible to run for Parlia-ment.

If the LNP was to snare that seat, both parties could be locked on 43 seats, meaning the LNP could retain power in a deal with the Katter Party.


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