Rockhampton motorists are being 'ripped off' at the bowser

NORMAN Timms is sure that Rockhampton motorists are being "ripped off" at the fuel pump by those he labels as "greedy" fuel distributors.

And he might be on to something; according to the RACQ's fair fuel price service we are being overcharged by about 20 cents per litre.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said according to the service Rockhampton motorists should be paying 130.8 cents per litre, however the average at local service stations is 147.7 cents per litre.

"Prices across regional Queensland are currently too high," she said.

"The fall in the oil price should have led to a much greater fall in the price of ULP. We hope to see a further drop in unleaded prices, to coincide with the fall in oil prices."

Oil prices have dropped about 40% in the past six months, to their lowest level since 2009.

Regional areas like Rockhampton often have higher petrol prices because they aren't on a petrol price cycle, meaning prices are more consistent and don't often have big highs and lows.

Ms Smith said prices in south-east Queensland were currently in the high 120cpl, however at the peak of the cycle prices were often in the high 150s.

Mr Timms, who lives 11km out of town at Bungundarra, remembers living in Townsville as a boy when people could get petrol for one and six pence a gallon at fuel bowsers.

Now 71, the pensioner recently drove home from the Gold Coast, where he saw fuel for 127.9cpl, and through Gladstone, where fuel was 135.9cpl, before arriving in Rockhampton to find fuel for 148.9cpl.

"It's time Central Queensland got a break from exorbitant fuel prices," he said.

"When the oil price goes up so does the price per litre of fuel, but when it comes down there's very little movement in the price.

"We're getting ripped off big time."

Federal MP Michelle Landry said if drivers believed their local service station was not being fair, they could lodge a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Here is what readers have said about fuel prices:

Fuel prices

Average regional fuel prices, according to the RACQ:

Rockhampton - 147.7cpl

Yeppoon - 148.5cpl

Brisbane - 129cpl

Emerald - 150.4cpl

Gladstone - 146.6cpl

Mackay - 138.3cpl

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