‘I tried an orgasm training website’

Danielle thought she knew it all when it came to her own lady bits, but turns out, there were more tricks to discover.

When the ad for the OMGYes website popped up in my newsfeed, I didn't pay it much attention. The tag line "a refreshingly open and honest look about the truths of women's sexual pleasures" struck me as something that I couldn't possibly find value in because I'm a bit of a wanker.

I proudly admit that I am an enthusiastic and well-practiced self-lover. I am happy to share that I have had a little over 28 years of strumming the pink guitar and I presumed I was at Grammy Award winning level.

Curiosity got the better of me when I saw that not only does OMGYes name and describe 12 different signature techniques of manual loving, they also have delightfully friendly women explicitly (and somewhat erotically) show you their preferred style.

Kind of like an Intimo party without the underwear. Incredibly, and slightly bizarrely, there is also an interactive graphic vulva for you to practice on. Definitely, NSFW.

I believed I had been fairly adventurous in my self-exploration over the years. In fact, I thought I knew it all, however OMGYes encouraged me not to simply get straight into launch position and get that rocket off the ground but to savour the experience more. Explore with rhythm, or a different kind of touch, or against all instincts, delay gratification.

"It's easy to assume there are things that we should just completely know 100 per cent, either instinctually, or that we should have learned somewhere along the way. But no one assumes even a naturally gifted athlete would reach their full potential without continual learning," suggests OMGYes co-founder, Rob Perkins.

"No cook ever says they know everything about cooking already. You don't see a cookbook on someone's shelf and think, "Oh, Jeanine must have a real cooking problem."

When it comes to discussing the recipe for orgasmic success with my partner and how that can change from romp to romp I thought I was quite open. Watching OMGYes together opened more intimate discussions about what I like and about my partner's desire for us to continue exploring in ongoing lessons of raunch.

We not only discovered a couple of tricks, we also discovered new terminology to enrich our communication without making anyone feel like they're doing it "wrong."

"Our study shows that people in couples aren't openly telling each other what would make it even better for fear of hurting feelings. As if suggesting something better implies a problem," says Perkins.

Although by its very nature of half naked or naked women touching their most sensitive bits is pretty erotic, but it's actually got more of an "chatting with a friend" educational vibe, much to my partner's disappointment. It wasn't until we began actually trying some of the stuff that he realised how revelatory it was that someone has finally collated all of this academic research into a user friendly website.

Although a mere 17 per cent of women reach orgasm through penetration alone, research into the female orgasm is not entirely new. That said, it usually focuses on the logistics of anatomy and the importance of psychology, ie. she's got to have her head in the game. The actual art of individual pleasure through specific clitoral or vulva stimulation is where OMGYes breaks through.

"Scientific and academic research about the specifics of sexual pleasure doesn't happen. Institutions don't fund it because they're afraid someone will be offended. Because there's no agreed upon science, medical schools and universities can't teach it. There aren't even words for most of the specifics that make pleasure better for people, which is insane," Perkins says.

I thought I knew it all when it came to my own lady bits and how they liked to be loved, but I realised my body is quite the amusement park with still undiscovered rides. Imagine my delight to discover that this is only season one of OMGYes and upcoming seasons delve further into the mechanics of all other aspects of getting it on.

"There are so many directions we're going in. Our second season of content is a few months away - it covers penetration, the area formerly known as 'g-spot', breathing, muscle clenching, squirting, and grinding. We're studying pleasure during pregnancy now, which is fascinating and totally understudied.

"We're researching both women and their partners - getting the insights they wish they'd known sooner. Next will be an entire team working on men's pleasure, pleasure during menopause, trans pleasure, techniques with toys, and lots more," says Perkins.

Exploring pleasure and desire is a not only natural and normal but it's also cheap and fun. The more we have open discussion around the subject, the less taboo female orgasm will be and the more women will feel comfortable asking to have their needs met in and out of the bedroom.

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