The murder trial for the two men is expected to last a fortnight. (FILE)
The murder trial for the two men is expected to last a fortnight. (FILE) Yumi Kimura

'I think Tupu just killed somebody'

A MAN on trial for murdering Kieren Pye allegedly came home with one of his arms "covered in blood” after a late night outing.

Wayne Lemaga and Tupu Sauaga have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Pye, who died at Carole Park, Ipswich, on April 2, 2015.

Jodine Whata-Raki was Mr Lemaga's partner in 2015.

She said Mr Sauaga came round to her house on April 1 and after the pair popped out several times, they returned the next morning in a state that shocked her.

One of Mr Sauaga's arms was "covered in blood”, Ms Whata-Raki told Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday.

She said she spoke to Mr Lemaga, who told her: "I think Tupu just killed somebody.”

Ms Whata-Raki told the court she was shaken and asked her partner what happened.

She said Mr Lemaga replied: "I didn't touch anybody, I was just supposed to get the money.”

Justice Debra Mullins told jurors Ms Whata-Raki's evidence about this conversation was admissible only in the case against Mr Lemaga.

Earlier, a friend of Kieren Pye said claims his mate swung a weapon at a man who ambushed them in a fatal late-night attack were nonsense.

Peter Bell said he had been staying with Mr Pye for about six or seven days before his mate died.

"We were close mates.”

He said he and Mr Pye, 23, arranged to meet a woman at Carole Park to sell ice to, and they drove out there about 3am on April 2.

Mr Bell, 43, said he saw a man - not Mr Lemaga or Mr Sauaga - standing in a paddock alone.

"[He] came to the driver door. He went to grab the keys and a fight broke out,” Mr Bell said.

"He had a knife ... held it against my head.”

Meanwhile, Mr Pye was attacked, Mr Bell said.

"All I seen was the door open and Kieren get ripped out of the car.”

He told the court Wayne Lemaga dragged Mr Pye out.

Mr Bell said he saw another man, known as T, "stick a knife in” Mr Pye, who was on his back.

Mr Lemaga's barrister Andrew Hoare suggested his client never held down Mr Pye.

"Bullshit,” was Mr Bell's response.

"You were seeing part but not all of what's going on,” Mr Hoare said.

The trial continues.



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