'I am dying, I am dead' - man drinks crystal meth by mistake

AN INNOCENT man died after drinking liquid crystal meth while believing it was a health drink.

An inquest into the death of Cambridge man Romano Dias has heard the 55-year-old was given a bottle of what appeared to be a fruit-based drink by his daughter Katee.

The drink had been mistakenly mailed to the daughter, who kept it in case someone wanted to claim it, before handing it on to her father.

The Cambridge News reported an inquest was told of of the horror ending to the fatal mix up.

Mr Dias' partner, Debra Dulson, said in a statement that he opened the bottle and found a cork under the cap.

She said Mr Dias took a mouthful of the drink, said it tasted "awful" and started complaining that his throat was burning.

He then said: "I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead."

A pathologist told the inquest the level of methamphetamine was well above the lethal dose and that the drug had a number of effects, including causing abnormal rhythms in the heart which could then stop.

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