SILENCE: A quiet moment at Laidley honours Australians killed and injured in war.
SILENCE: A quiet moment at Laidley honours Australians killed and injured in war. Derek Barry

How the region is marking Remembrance Day

NINETY-nine years after the guns on the Western Front fell silent, so too will towns across the Lockyer and Brisbane Valleys for a minute this Saturday.

Like most other Australians, retired serviceman Brian Booth attends his local Lowood ceremony at Lowood and bows his head on November 11 to remember the men and women who have served in Australian conflicts.

Mr Booth served in the Australian Defence Force twice - once with the navy during the Korean War and then with the army's medical unit during the Vietnam War - and said it's always an emotional day for him.

"There were so many people who were killed during the wars that was unnecessary,” he said.

"During the Vietnam War, when I was in the medic corps, I saw so many [men] come back without legs or arms or worse.

"I've been to Remembrance and Anzac Day marches all over, down in NSW and everything, and seen grown men older than myself in tears.

"I'm not much like that, but you do feel proud to be a part of the service anyhow.

"I don't know why, it's just one of those things where you've got to be there to understand it.”

Judith Schmidt, who performed aero-medical evacuations with the air force during the Vietnam conflict, said she would never forget the youth of some of her patients nor their "horrific” wounds.

"From my point of view, I appreciate seeing the older generations, the WWII vets, and how they remember their mates and the others who lost their lives,” she said.

Laidley RSL Sub Branch vice-president Mark Ramsay said the day was a valuable occasion to honour the fallen and learn from the past.

"Part of our ceremony is about educating people about things that happened in the past,” he said.

"If we don't look at our past, we can't really move forward.

"We need to learn that conflict isn't the right answer and that people need to have respect.”


Gatton: 10.30am for 11am start at Littleton Park, Hickey St.

Laidley: 10.30am for 10.40am start at the Cenotaph, cnr Patrick St and White Rd.

Ma Ma Creek: 10.30am at Ma Ma Creek cemetery.

Helidon: 10.45am at the Cenotaph, cnr Railway and Turner Sts.

Lowood: 10.15am for 10.30am start at Lowood RSL Sub Branch, 2819 Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd.

Esk: 11am at the Cenotaph, Ipswich St.

Toogoolawah: 10.45am at McConnel Park, Cressbrook St.

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