How old are you and what do your parents still pay for?

WE did a shout-out on Facebook asking our readers how old they were and what their parents still paid for. 

Most of those who responded said their parents didn't pay for much at all. 

While there is the occasional help from some Fraser Coast parents, others don't help their adult kids out no matter what. 

Chrissy Daly said she occasionally helps her daughter in Tasmania with the odd bill and food. 

"To me it's all part of being a parent helping your kids if they need it," she said. 

Trent Walker is 29 and his wife is 28 and their parents don't pay for anything. 

"It took us 13 years together to be able to live comfortably and we did it all on our own," he said. 

Twenty-year-old Ashleigh King-Webb said her parents don't pay for anything apart from the occasional $20 loan if she is short on cash. 

What do your parents still pay for?
What do your parents still pay for? Amanda Balmer

"The only time they pay for something for me is if we are out and they offer to buy me a drink just because they want to not because they have to."

Zjena Kljinskovic says her parents never gave her a cent.

"Never helped with my wedding or went guarantee for a home loan," Ms Kljinskovic said.

"My husbands parents are the same, never lent us money for a home loan or anything , if we ever got stuck they lent us money and we paid it back real quick.

"We have helped out our kids but they know you have to work for things," she said. 

Juanita Howard says while her adult brothers still live at home, her parents don't pay anything for her. 

"They all live together and mumsie does nearly everything for them," she said. 

Bek Nixon is 25 and she has been independent since she was 15. 

"I have had no help what so ever from my mother since I was 15 when she kicked me out on the street with only the set of clothes I was wearing," she said. 

Robyn Gross would never ask her parents for money but does help her son out from time to time. 

How old are you and what do your parents still pay for? Or are you a parent yourself? Join the conversation and have your say below. 

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